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TNAO:- The Beast P1

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Hi guys,

This is my first submission to the portal, it took me 2 months to get this done while juggling commision and a full time job. Not to mention the 2nd issue of my book is really giving me a headache.
A couple of notes on the side, i couln't find a voice actor for the oldman so you might have to bear with the subtitles for now. and using my voice for him is definately a no no. I sound horrible as a voice actor for him. However i did manage to find a voice actor for the main character. Do look her up on her deviant to show some support.
Another thing i would like to bring up is my lack of experiance in editing,LOL. If anybody here have some tips on how to make my life easier in that area i would appreciate it.
Also you will see something in this flash that might be familiar, and copyright to those characters belong to their respective owners.

http://meetxj9.deviantart .com/ :- my deviant
http://exdevlin.deviantar t.com/ :- her deviant

Update:- Oh my god!!! Front page!!!! i never expected this. Thanks everybody!!

Update:- Just so viewers don't get the wrong idea that i rip off a character from a movie to sucker in ratings. I would like to say that IT IS rip off from Aliens. But i did it because i couldn't resist. Because i am a big AVP fan and i have always wondered if i could animate these things. Plus i needed practice before going into a new animation company.

On other news AVP Requiem is coming!!!! Do get your tickets ready for the movie cause i really can't wait. Support the movie and the Brothers Strause for their hard work.lol

Update:- i finally decided on the oldman's voice, i got a couple of submissions from fellow newground viewers to do the voice over for him. And Ryan Carell got the spot for his hard work. Also i fixed a couple of things with the flash like voice volume.

If anybody have something they would like to see next episode, do give me some your idea's. Since i'm doing the script anyway.

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too much suspense

I'm not into the whole one single girl can kill a bunch of those aliens not even predators can always take them on head too head without weapons. Just took too long to get to anything meaningful, but great flash and voice work.

Sweet work here!

Sweet work here man! I really liked this animation, good graphics and storytelling here indeed! And the way you implemented the Alien... NIIIICE... Are you going to add in the Predator as well? I hope to see him in there soon!


This is awesome. The art is magnificent and animation is fluent and well done.
I belive that it is also under rated but that may be expected here on newgrounds. Where people want instant blood and action. Wow, I hope you make more animations ssoon.
Seems very proffessional

Nailed this one out of the park

This flash is amazing unlike my cheesy Decalogue.
Very good voice actor usage I really liked the old guys voice the best.
Nice shading and graphics.

ARGH! A cliffhanger!

This flash is very good, especially considering it only took you two months!
The animation and graphics are impressive and the voice acting is fairly good too, although it could use some work. Apart from that, well done!

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4.38 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2007
10:16 AM EST