Knight Tactics

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Thanks for the front page, I still can't believe this made it to the front page. Thanks newgrounds.

*Tell me what you want to see!*
I'm now taking ideas/improvements/whatev er for when I start knight tactics 2. I take all suggestions into consideration, so review my game and tell me what you want to see! (Don't get the idea i'm working on KT2, right now i'm working on an other game. You can check my user page for some info)

*this isn't a copy of fft*
This is a basic tactical-rpg, move, attack next turn. I came up with all of the classes myself, which is hard to do because square-enix has come up with everything. If you still want to call me a copycat go ahead but i'm going to make you eat your own words in the future.

*version 1.8 update* dec 15/07
Note before telling me something wasn't fixed please check the version of the game your playing.
Now when you press the Q key it will quit the level and it will advance you to the next level. Hopefully lvls past 12 will work, if not then theres some glitch in the system.
The save game glitch reported by sharurotto has been fixed. Note you have to start a new game if you have gotten the problem.

*Some game tips*
Press Q to quit the game, and advance to the next level.
Press b to bypass cutscenes
Press N for the game to output debugging information
You can now use the hotkeys listed below:
a - move, s - attack, d - ability, f - wait turn
Use the arrow keys to move the map.
Press the h key to hide the tiles, so you can see all the units on the map.
Press the space bar to move the map to the active unit.
When casting spells, they reach out by one tile. Enemy targets don't have to be on a red tile to cast a spell on them. But you do have to select a red tile to start the spell.

Note - This is my first real game. It didn't turn out exactly as how I imagined it. Anyway I learned a lot from making this game and my next game will be 10 times better.

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Almost 10 years later now, surprised there isn't another update.

The game isn't bad as it is, but the natural thing to do is to click the mouse to try and grab the map and drag the view.

Some sort of highlighting to make it clearer which unit is active would be helpful.

Having tiles at bottom of page to see which unit is which, as well as health bars there maybe.

Overall, the battles were a bit cumbersome to conduct, taking away from the tactics while the player focuses on game mechanics. This is akin to having a poor font in a book where the reader needs to decipher each character to read the novel.

Now off to try KT2.


Well, this game came off as pretty confusing. I guess I would most likely not recommend it. I know I've played games similar to this. Fortunately, they were a lot more enjoyable. I remember the name as this seems to be a popular game. The music ain't bad.

I was just hoping for something that wasn't that complicated. I guess it delivered what it was supposed to. You do have the comments to help us. I had to attack or wait at many times. I don't know how a lot of that works.

crap in the sense that the whole room is proportioned badly and you can't see who your attacking or doing despite the me not knowing much about this game it is simple to play which I like but isn't exciting enough.... so... yea...
-make it possible to move the screen around or get the whole are into the game page thinggy

good luck in your next project!

A fair attempt... The graphics and gameplay are simple and elegant, and I think you cloned the important gameplay aspects from Final Fantasy Tactics, but there are other issues, namely the control scheme. First off, the little red spinner showing whose turn it was helped, but not enough. Having a unit light up when its turn came would have been much easier. I also don't like that it's somewhat difficult to roll over the tile you want. This interrupted the flow of gameplay horribly, especially since there was no way to change the angle at which things were viewed. While it's not strictly necessary to make the whole map rotatable, I would have appreciated something even as simple as an overhead view, like Tactics Ogre does. Since this game doesn't make much use of the height stat (there are very few instances in which someone is too high or low to attack), I think the overhead view would have proved itself to be a much better option.

The graphic scheme also made the controls harder to handle. Enclosing each option for this or that within a box and adding more sound effects for each popup would have clearly highlighted every gameplay element, making things run smoother. The windows and interface also seemed to pop up in the wrong places, making it increasingly confusing to play the game.

That being said, I think the party system and point system were great ways to simplify a game that's otherwise much too complex for Flash, and the level editor is a really cool idea. The AI is fairly impressive, and what you have here is excellent groundwork for a better game.

I'm not much of a graphic snob, but the main thing getting in the way of this submission is the confusing nature of the graphic layout, which makes gameplay close to impossible. However, for 2007 this is pretty damned good.


Looks a lot like FFT, a lot!
But it's so easy and gets boring easly...
1: You have infinite potions in the start of the game with chemist....
2: When you get knight, just buy arm stab, and it's game over for your enemies...
3: When you reach Drummer, buy only speed, life and atk song...
And the more boring, just do a team of drummers, do a cross with them, speed song with all, and who is inthe center, life song/atk song.... I beat every lvl with no difficulty....

STILL, This is a nice game, and you can do a 2, don't you?? NICE GAME!!

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3.53 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2007
12:06 AM EST
Strategy - Other