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Author Comments

Another game for the MaxGames contest. VOTE 6 N ALL THAT SHITE.
Press Enter to pause.
Press M to turn music off.
The music's Mental Frenzy by Evil-Dog.


try nitrome

i can play this game on nitrome
i also rate this game 0 because i cant think of a rating


Not a great game. You say it's for people who only want to spend a couple minutes playing it and such, but I find it lacking even in that.

The interactivity is poor, you're just holding left and right, and once you destroy the buildings and trees there's really not much left to do.

I found the music to be in poor taste, and when I muted it, it also muted all the sound effects, which is slightly annoying because the sound effects were decent.

The island is tiny and there's really not much to destroy, and you don't really have to put forth a lot of effort to destroy what there is.

The colors are also rather dull, gray cars, grayish-blue ground and trees, grayish houses. Spice up the color a bit next time.

Your attitude also sucks ass, learn to take a little criticism. Expect a daily 0 from me for a while, just because of that, and just because I can. :>

All in all, you don't have to do every little thing everyone here suggests, but you can learn and read what the majority of people might like, and improve on your next flash from there, instead of being a jackass about it.

Anyhoo, have fun.

I-smel responds:

Vote whatever you want, it's passed the 15th and my score's locked at 3.64.

And these responses: If you don't see a response to a review, then it's probably because it was a good review. I'm taking all this criticism, but some of it is just plain bad. For example, I had alot of people telling me I should make it again in 3D. One guy said I should have more characters, a few people are asking for a mode that doesn't end- You couldn't see it lasting more than a few minutes, how boring would one that doesn't end be?
People were asking for BOSSES. This game doesn't even have any combat.

Come on, anyone can respond and say Thanks For Playing to every review, but it takes a professional to seperate the good advice from the bad.

Terrible ripoff.

Basically your idea for this game was to blatantly rip off the original game's name and design and take away everything that was fun about it. No seeing your worm underground, no flying and doing combos, a time limit slapped on for no particular reason. no real control over your fucking worm? This game just sucks and is a pale shadow of the original. And don't act like you've never fucking heard of Deathworm, the name, worm design and all the ideas present in this game are blatantly fucking copied from the original. This is NOT your fucking idea, so stop taking credit.

I-smel responds:

WAIT- You've been here before! I remember you now. How many times've you posted this same review?

Right, considering you're so desperate for a reply, I'll give you one. I better make it quick before you SPREAD THE WORD OF MY EVIL PLANS D=
First off, before the date this was submitted, I'd never played Deathworm. Had I heard of it? YES. I've allready said that. THIS game was designed to be played differently from day one. This is a short, quick and simple game with cleaner graphics, sound, and most importantly face value. It's streamlined, sanded down, and made more suitable for the average lunch break or those with little patience, short attention spans or slow computers. Y'know, like a regular person. There's different goals and objectives- New graphics and sounds work together in a different theme. There's no NEED to see the worm underground. You're not missing out on anything there, so calm down. Flying is the point of the game, so I don't know what you're talking about there. There IS combos, so that comment doesn't make any sense either. The time limit's there because it's just not designed to be played for longer than a minute at a time. That'd get boring fast. There IS control over the worm- None of these comments are making any sense to me.
The name was the hardest part of making the game- I released it a day late because it was no easy decision. See, there is no better name for this game than "Deathworm". There's no sense in choosing a crappier name just to avoid calling it that, because then I'd just get MORE bad reviews.
The worm design IS the same. It's inverse kinemtics. What more do you want?
And to say all the ideas are the same is a bit of a step over the line. Let's compare the goals here:
D1) Grow as big as possible and stay alive for as long as you can
D2) Smash everything you can in 60 seconds.

Aw shit I just spent like 5 minutes writing that and then realised he's got a batting average of like 1.3 =/
I don't want to delete this response though now >_>

I was gonna say something at the end but now I've totally forgot what it was. Shit.

Well- I'm leaving it here JUST IN CASE =O


This game is very disapointing and makes a mockery of the original game

This Sucks.

This game is extremely bad. I have never played a game this bad in a very long time, especially on this site.

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Credits & Info

3.64 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2007
8:38 PM EST
Action - Other