Super Bandit Bros S.ED

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EDIT: September 15th 2001: 10 k hits on ng.. ( Finnally ) Millions of plays around the web... cool? The highscore system no longer works, but I may be releasing a third final version of this game with a few fixes, control changes and another new level.

I am working on another game that is not currently super bandit bros 2 but it may very well become it since I like the character. Thanks for your support NG.


EDIT: December 16/2007- Some people are really confused on what to do in this game, PLEASE PLEASE READ THE GAME INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PLAYING! For those who question what the story is I may update this flash game to include the intro video.


Play as the bandit from Yoshi Island chasing coins and loot over 5 full levels.

This is the special edition version of a game I released this year, this version should take care of most bugs. Hopefully this version will be alot better than the other, and with much less lag aswell. If you get major lag let me know, I'll try and fix it again ASAP.


- A new level has been added ( 1-5 )
- Many Graphics have been changed
- New Sound FX
- New music


-Difficulty lowerd, should be way easier
-Less lag
- Most glitches before adressed



Lots of different pieces of music in this, which is a good thing, theres a lot of variation and different settings as well. The gameplay is simple and smooth, and all the levels are fairly challenging as well. Just like old times, on the GBC, heh. Overall it's a great game! Keep going!


Nice game, pretty adictive

Not a bad game, I quite like those sprite made games. I can't say about the graphics because you used sprites, but they were pretty well used. The music choice was great, I really liked the Mario themed songs. Some level were hard and they kept me playing this game for a while. The dificulty settings was also good, but I thought medium a bit hard. Still, I could beat it, but I couldn't beat Hard.

The levels were long and that was nice, but they were only that long becaouse you had to get the shells to the beginning of the level everytime you had a new one. Maybye you can make a checkpoint in the levels, with the houses on them so we won't need to go back to the beginning of the level everytime we got a new shell.

You can also make a save options when you pass a level, just in case we don't want to play it again. And why to you kinda "force" us to submit our scores? The only way to go back to the menu after you lose is by submitting your scores. What if I don't want to submit it?

Overall, a pretty nice game, but it needs some aditions.

*Review Request Club*


I was quite disappointed by this. Lugging every single koopa shell back to the beginning of the stage is arduous, and poor programming causes the thief to "fly" when he jumps through multiple platforms. But, this game does have potential. One way you could really improve is if you notified players of how much money they needed to complete the level.

Krahs responds:

If you run to the end of the level and touch the exit sign, a message will pop up telling you how much is needed.

4/5 and 9/10

- Good stuff -
The audio suited this flash very well, good retro-ness and Mario-ness. There isn't actaully many flashes with the Bandits in them, so good marks for originality. There didn't see to be any glitches. I liked the level selection aswell.

- Bad stuff -
There was really only one thing about the controls, which was that jump wasn't the up arrow. Also if the up arrow was jump you could of had "space bar" as the close help windows instead of "Shift". I couldn't actually get past the first level.

= Reveiw Request Club =

Krahs responds:

I thought it was a fairly good idea when I first made it, alot of people don't get what they are suppose to do though.

Nice game

I quite liked this game, despite my apparent lack of control when it comes to running jumps. The control sensitivity is slightly different to that of a traditional Super Mario Brothers game, but I shall not hold that against you.

The game graphics are nicely done, but I would prefer that I could change the controls to perhaps the arrows and z/x, enabling me to kick the shells at the spiked tortoises walking around, as they really get on my nerves. This might provoke a chance of the shell being destroyed, but it would be worthwhile not to die in the process.

Looking at the map, you've given this game quite some depth, which is quite amazing, considering it's only a 3 meg game.

[Review Request Club]

Krahs responds:

Most of the levels have exactly the amount of shells you need to complete the level. If they got destroyed ya couldn't win! Thanks for the review.

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3.78 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2007
8:19 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop