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Ultra Anthology volume 1

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Author Comments

This is the first installment, and i hope to make more. It was a lot of fun to create the situations, and even more fun seeing them come to life. so without further adieu, enjoy the Ultra Anthology volume 1!!!

You should have the most current version of flashplayer, and should set the quality to about medium.

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That was.. considerably garbage
Your voice recording needs work, it was kind of fuzzy
Your Characters mouths diddnt sync with the voices

and o yea, every seen some of egorators work?... yea.. thaught so

I just threw up in disgust

This is the single worst piece of shitty asshole on the web. You are a disgrace to humankind. Go eat more ice cream and reeses pieces. FATASS.
Seriously, you are wasting webspace. A video of a monkey taking a shit is more useful and interesting that this giant bag of garbage!

hahaha ^^ just kidding.
be happy i gave you a 10

Hey stan...


Stanpai responds:


Good Job

I was laughing a lot the first time I saw it! It just keeps on getting funnier every time! For your first big flash animation I personally thought it was great.

Stanpai responds:

thanks man, i really appreciate that you took the time to write a review. It took a few days really, to make it. you are a great friend, and a great brother.

Not good anim. Not good humor...

Just everything shouldnt be posted here! Well the jokes where allmost fine, but the way they come out isint. And the animation could use a lot of work...

Stanpai responds:

thank you for taking the time to respond and write a review.