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Practice Chapped

December 8, 2007 –
March 18, 2011
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Practice Chapped is mainly about a blue spikey haired kid with a huge ass sword who kills evil monsters from the unknown bent on destroy the town of Calvery Fort.

Practice Chapped Controls:
Use the WASD controls to move your guy around the screen
The J button is to attack
The K button is to jump
And the L button is to use your prop attack

Now I just gave u the gameplay of the game if u want to know the story then...


Thx and I hope u enjoy

Edit 2: PS: dont worry about pressig a button to pick up items whe u walk over them u pick it up

PSS: L is the button u use to attack with the prop u pick up not J OK

Edit 3: WOW thx guys(and girls) who voted its cool seeing it on the front page Daily 3rd AWEOME!


well the start of the game is quite hard...its not that bad tho

And the sounds are pretty bad too.is there even a way to turn the quality down?seriously,I press j 5 times and he attacks 1 or 2 times.not too bad though.

1. the blue spikey haired kid reminds me of 2D from the Gorillaz, execpt 2D doesn't have a sword.
2. This game is great, but for some reason, its a little laggy, at least on my computer.
3. If you haven't submitted the music used on this to the audio portal, you should. It sounds great!

I really liked the concept of practice chapped, take a spiky haired teen give him one giant ass sword and just chop ass. The story was top notch, the graphics are just simply awsome, and the variety of enemy types kept the gameplay from feeling too repetitive.

However, the game was very hard without a set amount of lives or at least a few checkpoints, I found it quite frustrating(espcially on the second boss) to fight tough battles and start from the very begining.other than that, I found the game very entertaining and fun.

2nd boss hard sia! not the shadow samurai la the 2nd boss right? damage so high i almost kill him! but anyway last time i kill the 2 boss the 2nd boss is actally the chief the 1st boss i forgot


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3.44 / 5.00