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The REAL Revelations

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This is one of my first flash movies, and I'm really proud of it. It took me a really long time, and I think it came out really good. I hope you all think it did too. Enjoy!

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I like the concept.

big stuf to work on would be animating the stickfigures themselves. just more animation really.

aside from that, nitpicky stuff. Satan types WAY faster than Jesus in the toon. I bet you probably wanted to make sure that people could read what's being typed, but you could've done it fast and had a gap inbetween Jesus' reply and satan's reply with a little thing that says "[whatever satan's SN was] is typing". next, wouldn't Jesus be sitting at the computer or something? the dude hung on the cross-I think he can appreciate comfort, lol. and usually, ramps are parts of ships for easy disembark after landing

like I said, those are nitpicky things. for a first, you could've done WAY worse.
practice pays off

just keep working!

pretty good

well it isn't the greatest but for a first flash i think it has a decent lenght, the story was pretty cool 2, the animation isn't the greatest but that's normal the first time, u'll get better,
next time, try to do frame by frame to have better animation (probably needs higher frame rate then 12 for it to be fluid)
put some time in the art and a good story board and voila :)

good luck with the rest of your movies.

not bad

mildy humorous and somewhat entertaining. ok for a first flash, i would suggest adding more detail like animating the flames in hell, or adding more in the background.

marcher138 responds:

That is a good idea to animate the flames, I didn't even think of that! Thanks


great job and this is your first nice i love it its the best stick animation flash ive seen in my life 5/5 10/10 no suggestions keep doin this youre great at it

marcher138 responds:

Thanks, man. I thought it might get blammed, so thanks for your help. Hopefully I can make more flashes that are even better.

keep working

you've got some promise. just keep trying. better first flash than many many many i've seen.

marcher138 responds:

Thanks, I will.

Credits & Info

2.50 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2007
9:43 PM EST