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Doctor Who: The Season 1

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It took me 17 and a half hours to watch the entire first season of Doctor Who so to save you the time I have compiled all the major points of the season into this 3 minute flash which uses audio from the series.
It probably doesn't make any sense without having watched the actual first season though...

**PRESS S AT ANY TIME FOR SUBTITLES. The last scene is locked with subtitles on because I couldn't clean up the audio very well (the audio coming from one of the lost Doctor Who episodes)

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okay. I am officially a member of the KILL SUSAN QUiCK BEFORE IT BREEDS! brigade. these are epic awesome.


As a doctor who fan not being able to watch the original hartnell series has been a major pain. I have the doctor who television companion to tell me all about what happens in the early episodes but it isn't the same as watching it. This whole idea from sticky is great and I hope he keeps on making them.

Sticky responds:

I don't think my cartoon should be taken as a substitution for the actual show lol

the radiation meter

made my day, also i congratulate you for all 3 of your beautiful doctor who submissions, are you thinking of making the 4th one now? you should really do the others too, as time passes by of course ^^

Sticky responds:

If any ideas come to me it isn't out of the question but I've been pretty slack lately.

Always great to hear from a fan :D

I came many times.

As probably the only existing US citizen to watch all of the William Hartnell episodes (including the reconstructions), I can say this: FINALLY!!! A decent parody of Hartnell, Susan Foreman & all! Please continue!!! (or else...)

Sticky responds:

I'm only planning on making one more involving the third season and the last part of the William Hartnell era.

All hail the Doctor!

I love Doctor Who! However, some of the parts you picked were a bit dull. Haven't watched the first season for a while, but you got the gist of the various episodes. It would be nice if you could getr a "whole point" view.
Also , he's technically the Doctor, not Dr. Who. That's just me being a picky kid with no life.
But overall, I enjoyed it, even if it's only for fans. Oh, and David Tennent is the best Doctor ever!

Sticky responds:

Yeah, well I was trying to take at least one scene from each serial in the first series but some of the serials are dull anyway so what can I do about that?

And I am well aware that his name is "The Doctor" but in the real show he is credited as "Dr. Who" so go figure.

Anyway I'm glad you like it. It always means more when an actual fan of Doctor Who enjoys this.

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Dec 7, 2007
3:55 AM EST