The Big Blue

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EDIT: Now with a pre-loader, should work for everyone now ;)

HINT: After 30 seconds in each level, you will have the option to skip the level with SPACEBAR. This is recorded in your final score though, and is best avoided.

Play through 40 levels on normal mode, or if you are up for a more difficult ( but possible! ) challenge, try your hand at 360 hard mode! Instructions are in the game, but here they are again:

Control the ball with the mouse, click to hold, un-click to release. Know that once the ball leaves the green pads, it becomes un-touchable until it reaches the green once more. That means to cross gaps, you will have to launch the ball from pad to pad, avoiding red bars and hitting the bounds at the right angle to rebound into tight spaces. Your goal is the worm-hole at the end of each level.

Speed pads will blast the ball in the direction they're facing. Grips will slow the ball's inertia, but not always stop it completly, so be quick!

Red portals teleport the ball between each other ( Note they take about 3 seconds to charge and function after use ) and blue ones shrink the ball.

Atmospheric orbs protect the ball for 1 impact with a red bar. They can be re-used.

Ok, so we worked on this game for a while now, about 2 1/2-- 3 months between normal life/school, so any comments you may have are welcomed. We will try to reply the best we can, and always read all reviews. Expect a fix of a bug asap, once one is brought up in a review. This is a real change of genre for us ( especially the "all audience" rating!) so if you think we did good, do us a favor and suggest this to the puzzle games collection! :D

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Very cool puzzle/ thinking game that made me work towards reaching the goal. I normally hate this type of puzzle stuff but damn I must say this is well put together. Looking forward to other submissions this year from you. Cheer's mate!


I gave a 2 because its to hard!


i don't know what it is with u and games that suit me best but i've loved just about everything u've made and this was excellent because it looks simple but getting the right angles and corners is very hard i give u 9/10 and 5/5!

Keep up the good work!

TheMillz responds:

I can tell you what it is, it's fans of my work who leave great reviews and press us to work harder so as to not dissapoint next time! :D Seriously, I love reading comments like this. While I know having everyone blindly conform to saying " wow, this is great" without meaning it would suck, it's truely great reviews like yours that fuel the flames that keep Millzflickz's game quality on the high end.

Stabika 3 is nearing completion, and let me tell ya it's a monster. Gamers should have a pretty good time with it if all goes as planned. Also have a spaceship game closing up, an epic platformer in the works, and plans for a military top-down shooter involving zombies that if we can find the time to complete could put our name on the map. Busy times ahead, and it's thanks to you all. So thanks for reveiwing, and have fun playing! :)

wow, awsome idea.

great everything.

it really needs some action script for friction, so the ball slows down without hitting a wall though.

other than that, cool.

Too easy on the beginning, too hard later on.

The idea is okay. But the game lags too much even on low quality, and, most importantly, there's a bug that ruins the whole game: if we move the mouse with the ball towards a wall, it lags, and then the ball flyes with extreme speed towards the opposite wall.

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4.04 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2007
10:22 PM EST
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