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A Soul Search

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ScrewdriverClock decides to go on a soul searching journey to find his inner self. He must learn much as he sits by the crackling fire.

Edit: Because people have to make excuses when my flash makes their dick go flaccid, I must warn you that those sensitive to rapidly changing lights might want to avoid this. It might because the fire animation, it might not. How should I know.

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Like i said...

You're movies give no purpose, you see... The first part (before the one that gave me a seizure) was an opening for a possibly good movie... please stop...

ScrewdriverClock responds:

Hahah a few things if you don't mind.
1. Adding "..." does not make your writing seem insightful or mysterious. It makes you look like a dumbshit. Make it stop.
2. This originally WAS a full movie, but like many projects, it did not meet my standards and became a spam movie as such. I'd prefer if you didn't dig up months old movies like this and try to relate them to my artistic insight which i have now, as my feelings towards art have changed drastically even in this short period of time.
Please review over what I have said. Beyond that, what you do with this newfound knowledge is up to you. You can take it up to a grain of salt and forget about it, or you can learn from it and maybe look at things from the perspective of others. However to keep my traditional responses up,



good, but not so great. i must tell if you made this in a movie, it would be great. the part of the serious must be made into a more developed part, i think you got the potential to do this. yea

Epic win

No, really.


Tricky is good but you could have done so much more with him.

ScrewdriverClock responds:



I love the inner metaphorical meaning of searching through the portal just like all the cogs inside of the clock