Armor Picross 2

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Gabriel (gabs.tv) and Kenney (Kenney.nl) brings to you the sequel of the best nonogram puzzle game here on Newgrounds!
Keys: hold "X" or "SHIFT" to mark spaces with an X (to guide you).
If you didn't check Armor Picross 1 (it was released on early 2006), you may need to go to the INSTRUCTIONS to know how to play this game.
This was a project of over 3 months of development, it took a long time to make it, but it was totally worth it!
I hope you enjoy the game and support us by buying Armor Picross Pro!
P.S.: You may be asked to enlarge the SharedObjects space, please press "YES", it's because every puzzle can be saved so you can continue them later!
To save a puzzle (to finish it later) press QUIT >> SAVE AND QUIT


Awesome game.

First off, my hat's off to you guys. It's very addicting. To other users who have said you have to guess, I don't think that's the case, I've done every puzzle except the first 10 of the "extreme pack" and haven't had to guess even once. Instead, you might want to try flexing that brain muscle a little more.

Now, my problems with the game are this: the art is awful. And by "art" I mean the reward at the end for solving the puzzle. In most cases, the resulting image is more pixelated than the puzzle itself. I had to take a few seconds and savor my work before filling in the last box and my hard work was whisked away, replaced by giant black blocks.

One extra tweak might be to provide a modifier key to fill in all the boxes between two clicks with "X"s. Having to drag the mouse (or trackpad, even worse) along 25 squares is a small pain in the ass. Two clicks would have been a good idea. Something most people wouldn't even notice but power users would eat right up.

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Great puzzle game

It is a very good logic/puzzle game, but you have to guess and hope your lucky sometimes. Also, as far as i can tell there is no problem with shift-clicking twice. May be just macs that don't like it or something, works fine on firefox.

great but

there is this bug which as already there in the first episode : shift-clicking twice on a tile make the game screen turn black (MacOSX/FireFox, all up-to-date).

Good game, No Ending?

First of all, where do those average times come from? My time on each puzzle is about
a 10th of the average time posted.

Second, you spend all that time beating the game and there is no congratulations on

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best puzzle game as far as i can remember!

this is very nice, i like the idea of this game, if im right there was some japanese game similar(or same). its great to have something like this in flash. it was a little difficult for some time until you grasp the basics.

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Dec 5, 2007
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