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Shattered Heaven Trailer

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Author Comments

So yeah.....I'm still getting used to animating in Flash, so don't expect anything extraordinary. I think there's still a few things that might need to be worked on. If I notice anything tremendously annoying then I will fix and reload.

Overall between my job, and other things I enjoyed coming up with this.

Shattered Heaven is a novel series I started years ago, it deals with a war in the future, mainly over new resources. Heavily mecha based, shows such as Gundam, Macross, Transformers and games like Armored Core served as inspiration.

The music used in the trailer is from the Gundam Seed Destiny OST. Awesome OST btw,

Toshihiko Sakahashi "Sakebi to Okori no Mukukata He"

Edit: I'm noticing the song doesn't sync up on the newgrounds version sometimes. Hmm, still new to newgrounds when it comes to submitting. I'll try and fix it tomorrow, in order to optimize the audio much better.

Edit 2: So when I woke up I was just hoping for it to be accepted, I didn't expect to wake up to a great overall score. So thanks everyone for thinking this crap was great lol. I'm polishing this thing right now, so all those annoying pauses are going to be gone. And the text is going to be voiced (had to wait for my mic to be given back to me)

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix little lag issues in the FBF by all means PM me! I need all the help I can get! Drawing was never an issue for me, and for the animation I don't concentrate on making some awesomely put together art, I wanted to make it simple so the animation would be a lot easier.

Thanks again for being professional and nice with reviews so far. I'm happy I haven't run into those "you suck and have no talent" crap reviews. So yeah, enough ranting, off to polish this.

Edit 3:
Just uploaded a new version. The text is shorter and got rid of 20 seconds of clouds (seriously...what the hell was I thinking?!) And learned a lesson, from now on, my backgrounds are going to be done in PS, I already know my way around Photoshop, and since im running CS3 on everything it makes my life a hell of a lot easier.

Still working on the audio.

I have a few websites that showcase my actual art talent (the flash versions are extremely simplified versions)

http://www.shatteredheave n.com

http://azure-knight33.dev iantart.com/ (seriously, what artist doesn't have a DA? lol)

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well i can see how it is to make a flash movie, i 2 am striving to make great flash movies, even though u may never read this review or not get the time to, i hoped to ask 4 ur help in making a good flash movie. Im tryin to recruit a crew to make a flash but isnt turing out well... >_> overall this trailer shows that u r good at this and got potential, (better than me thats 4 sure ._.) well gtg and make a great series!
P.S. saving the 10 4 the eps. <3


Good planning, good opening. Although animation was a little.. Ah well, I am sure you understand.


couple things I'll say
1. in the opening sky scene: It looks great, one of the best sky scenes i've....seen. But, the clouds move behind the moon....thats weird unless the moon is REALLY close to earth

2. the illustration is great but the animation is choppy. jerks a lot y'know.

so thats it for me, i look forward to it

AdamTilford responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I figured out why some of the animation was choppy, specifically the ones that shouldn't have been. Used high quality on filters, others were from frustration of Flash freezing before I could save, lol.

I've been polishing the script and storyboard, getting amazing auditions for VAs and working on the opening. The opening should be done today or tomorrow, I'll post it then. And I promise the animation is of much higher quality :).

Cant wait to see the series!

As some have said, there are small quirks in the animation that need a bit of tuning, so i wont go over it since others have done a better job than what I could do lol. I Have to say this though, the night sky in the beginning was beautiful, the best I've seen in any flash. Im pretty new to flash myself, and once i got a tablet i was gonna start work on my own series. I'll be on the lookout for the book though, i need something new to read besides the few books and manga i have lol. Im no expert on animations, though ive made one for a VB Game for class (i was animator and in charge of sprites, im shitty with programmin XD) and ill say this, when it went to the two robots with the swords, the swing animation on it seemed a bit skippy, like arm was at once side, then suddenly other, try adding in a frame or two between those spots to fill in that wide arc, and seeing as the swords are pure energy, adding a curve and a bit of a streak of the same color of the blade should help it look better.
Other than that, good job. And yeah, anyone doing FBF seem to have a DA, i do, but nothing on there is too up to date after my scanner broke lol, though ive been thinkin of uploadin the few pics ive done in PS CS2 on there

AdamTilford responds:

Thanks! Yeah funny story with that swing animation, well not really funny, simply depressing. I had about 5 frames for the green one, and then flash froze on me and "quit unexpectedly" before I could save. Needless to say, I was pretty pissed about it. So I said screw it and continued onward. When I get a chance I'll go back and add extra frames here and there. One thing that bothers me though is the final mech scene with the red one swinging upwards is that it's laggish, and yet I'm running 30 fps, and it's only 3 or 4 frames, so I have no freaking clue why it's doing that. I like the streak idea from sword tip to tip, when I go back and fix those things I'll have to add it. Funny thing about me is that from flash to new flash video I tend to up the stakes and make leaps from the previous one. So the next one will be at the very least 100x better than this.

Damn me taking so long to jump into flash. This is actually set for a movie. The movie is going to be 100 minutes long, but I decided to break it down into 10, 10 minute episodes that will be posted here as well as the website I have setup.


Ok first things first...

the concept of giant robots battling it out seems all to familiar... but putting that aside, the music went well with the theme, I enjoyed the into, setting the seen very well... however you must look at it from a viewers point of view, I don't know what you are talking about when you abbreviate words... meka and machine are words I understand, I know this may be a minor thing but its tucking up the movie that makes it all better, I can see a lot of thought went into this as you are going to make a full length flash

I am never keen on "trailers" for I believe they should not be in the portal, only finished products, thus why there is an alpha space...

the graphics where reasonable, (the anime genera), over use of same symbols stands out, the movement seemed rather two stroke you need to add more frames in the animation on the humans, the robots were done nicely but again they need to be neatened up a lot of ruff edges.
try not to prolong panning *there was a point where the girl was standing facing the wind (there was no animation on the girl/man or grass) and it panned down to the man, it seemed like a long time even if it was not.*

do not think this as been harsh but if I replied like everyone else saying it was fantastic and great, you would not improve it and carry one to make a mundane flash, I think you could do a lot better if you spent more time on it and not trying to get as much done as you can in a short time period...

Work that bit harder, do that extra few fames, make it quicker in places and neaten the whole thing up, let friends or family watch it to show weak points in the movie and then redo parts...

I hope to see future flash animations from you...

legolaSS - [Nitro kitten productions]

AdamTilford responds:

Appreciate it. I'm still getting used to animating in flash so naturally there's going to be a lot of things that need to be worked on.

Yeah thought went in, but only because this movie is based off of novels I've already written. 3 completed, the 4th almost done, and the 1st in the process of publishing. I did tons of art for it, I am releasing an event compilation book featuring all the major scenes in the first 3 painted out. I've just put off doing animation for a long time.

The end scene will have their hair blowing and such, honestly, it was 2 am and I wanted to put up the entire thing. I will update the movie once I make that adjustment.

So yeah, I appreciate it, you can't get better if everyone says it's great already.

Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2007
2:40 AM EST