Fuck You Internet

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Edit: Fixed the .gifs! But sadly, that boosed the filesize to a massive 9 MB, so you're in for a wait. I'd suggest you do a Pop-up movie and head over to the BBS while it loads.


Yup, this ones a game I decided to do today.

You people surf the web all the time, but can you really take what the Internet can truly dish out? Can yeh? Try and get through all 75 levels of... Evil... To prove that you are, truly worthy to be on the Internet. Can you make it to, and contemplate, the MOST REVOLTING THING ON THE INTERNET??

The pictures start off mild, a bit stupid and silly. But one you get into it... You'll laugh, cry, and shit yourself all at once. To truly get the pictures, you have to think of what it is... What part of your childhood is being smothered in humiliation...

DON'T PLAY IF YOU'RE A WHINEY LITTLE BITCH. You'll most likely get offended and be a faggot about it. So if you can't take a joke... GTFO now.

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...What was this supposed to be offensive for again?

*Rule 34 on your childhood ahead!*

Bitch I already look at R34 on my childhood you ain't special

these are top level memes lol
ive seen a guy chop his dick off so this is nothing

Nice challenge. I almost wanted to kill my self a few times.

The fucking last pictures are indeed the worst... but i've also seen a man fuck a cabbage so yea it's almost nothing