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the luigi chronicals ep.1

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this is something i put together over 3-4 days to see how good i am at sprite movies hope you like it and VOTE 5!!! edit: if you just see a white screen when you right click it will say movie not loaded also i dont mind if u say it sucked and needs improving but please stop swearing and i know the jokes wernt very good but this is one my first sprite movies and im really trying to improve


loved the ending

the ending was pretty awesome x) (id go back for my ipod too)


not really funny

zombiesurfer responds:

i know, but oh well


some of the jokes were pretty funny first time round

not bad for your first one tho (i've barely done ANYTHING on flash....)

maybe next time just like....better jokes maybe, zoom in on luigi more

zombiesurfer responds:

ok, checklist: ZOOM IN


you did great for your first sprite flash luigi was blury you might wanna spend more than 3-4 days try spending a week or two but you did well i gave you a three out of five.

zombiesurfer responds:

thanks :-)


Like everyone else said... you need to create better jokes... some spelling errors like minuites..it is spelled minutes. I think making a good sprite movie is very hard! I am actually trying right now :D. This was your first sprite movie, right? It was good but there are a couple of things to be corrected.
One more thing.... the last level when luigi is runin in the castle... those animations seemed to be made in 3 sec. put some more effort in them next time! Keep up!

zombiesurfer responds:

i know i need better jokes, thanks for the review

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3.22 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2007
12:25 PM EST
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