Top Chef

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*** Warning - this is a violent game and some people may find the content offensive. ***

Make sure your version of Flash is current. If game runs slowly, reduce graphics quality (button is in the game). To pause game, hit menu button in the game.

They gotta eat in Hell. What better way to satisfy a demon's hunger than to feed him nice juicey celebrities? Your job as hell's Top Chef is to cook the meals demanded by the demons and serve them before they get mad.

Click on the person the demon wants to eat and then click on the method of cooking. Once the food is cooked click on it and click on the demon who ordered the food to serve it.

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At first, I was wondering what would be so offensive about this game. It just seemed like a chef game. It certainly became clearer when the game started. It became even more clear when you showed the people in Hell. Then again, who would care about Saddam Hussein? The demons were designed pretty well.

I do think some of the graphics could be better. It's at least easy to understand. I like the sounds they make when you cut them up. Yeah, I'm kind of disturbed too. Not as much as you to make this, though!

Best game eva JK

Hell Yea

Good Stuff!!!!


Micheal Jackson's only been dead a couple weeks and he's already in a hate-game?

good but repetitive

maybe add more stuff to it, and make it harder, I started off and stopped playing after the second level because it got boring and repetitive