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*** Warning - this is a violent game and some people may find the content offensive. ***

Make sure your version of Flash is current. If game runs slowly, reduce graphics quality (button is in the game). To pause game, hit menu button in the game.

They gotta eat in Hell. What better way to satisfy a demon's hunger than to feed him nice juicey celebrities? Your job as hell's Top Chef is to cook the meals demanded by the demons and serve them before they get mad.

Click on the person the demon wants to eat and then click on the method of cooking. Once the food is cooked click on it and click on the demon who ordered the food to serve it.


Entertaining, But Needs Work IMHO

Entertaining concept. A few ideas though...the pacing of the game could be sped up a bit. The goal score should be higher to present a better challenge. When the bodies were down to scraps only (no heads) I found it difficult to remember which post was whom, the speech bubbles were not specific enough for me to differentiate.

Great, but....

The game kept ending for no reason, I got all the points I needed and my health wasn't gone and time hadn't run out yet, it just ended. Also you should get some sound clips of those people and play them while you cut them. Great game tho.


kool twist on a good game keep up the good work

All my meh are belong to this

Shows effort. The art is ok, the music is neither irritating nor great. The premise is fairly neat, although I usually dislike the celebrity violence type games. Hell is always a plus. Gameplay was pretty smooth. Still, it lacked something. It was none too exciting and sort of had an air of being done without much thought. I mean, it did get more difficult, but the end of each level was sort of a let down, there was no reward, and I suspect it may become impossible after a few levels. Also, the game type has been done better, which doesn't really help.
So a 5, + 1 for effort.


I thought it was really boring.

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3.61 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2007
10:42 PM EST
Simulation - Job