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Walter Joyce

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Author Comments

UPDATE: Holy crap, I really didn't think I'd get front page. Many thanks to the person responsible!

Walter Joyce is perfect. This is his story. I'd appreciate it if you listened to the tale to the end. If you're looking for quick action or laughs, please watch a different movie.

I made this over the weekend for my core English class (from script to credits, seriously). Definitely the most work I've done in 2 days on a Flash movie! It's over 4 minutes long, actually.

The microphone wasn't perfect, and the visuals are clearly rushed, but I thought maybe people would appreciate it for the writing, which is completely original. I hope you like it.

NOTE: I made this in *two days* for a school project. As you could expect, it's definitely *not* an example of my Flash abilities. However, I thought the story in the movie was interesting enough to warrant an upload.

P.S. I'm gonna respond to all reviews, so if you want to ask something, go ahead. :]

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dude this is deep!! some reptilian NWO level sh*t!! great work. and thanks for using my music...wait wtf, this flash was made in 2007, but I recorded the track in 2011!! nonetheless, great flash lmao

Masquatto responds:

I had to change the audio because I was previously using Miles Davis "So What" for the end song, and NG recently cracked down on copyright music. I liked yours as a replacement--had similar vibes I think. So I opened up the 10-year-old Flash file and made the adjustments! Thanks for the song and the review!

Stellar audio choices and work!

A friend showed this to me on a whim one day, and when I heard the audio of the rain falling against the Moonlight Sonata I was sold. Like previous reviews have said, the vocal audio of "The Benefactor" was a bit sketchy, but the narration was very crisp. You've got a great story reading voice.

The ambient noise was my favorite though. The way the color and it's intensity would change with the frequency and intensity of the noise was a great way to tie the two together and was executed very well.

Can't wait to see a se/prequel!

Masquatto responds:

I'm glad you liked the audio. :D Good thing that the built-in laptop mic didn't bother you. ;]

I was actually worried that people would find the static boring or uncreative. I'm happy you enjoyed it. :}

Let's hope I actually start animating it! XD


I like the style of this flash video alot, as toonedeafmessiah said, the voiceovers mix well with the animation's style. very well done.

Masquatto responds:

At least some people liked the audio. :)


This was some nice piece of animation and storytelling!! Good job sir!

Masquatto responds:

Thank you, sir!


That was good!

Masquatto responds:

Lol. Very long review there.