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Imp halloween part 2

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front page again O_o;
you guys spoil me to much ^^;
And yeah, I know it's late for halloween, but I could hardly postphone the second part for a year on a cliffhanger, now can I?

Thanks to all the regular IMP voice actors and special guests Euan Marnic and Jo!

Pointless trivia!

The music played during the chicken battle and the chicken salute are rearrangements of the same song I used during the chicken invasion in that Zelda movies. Guess it's my official Chicken theme now.

The exploding house at the end was of course a nod to my old Villain movie:
http://rogerregorroger.de viantart.com/art/I-ve-alw ays-wondered-18781791

Ugh.. Just realised that this is the very first time ever Mayleen has some time with her daughter. And the bench scene is the only whole family moment since Brany's birth in IMP 21.. Gee, really gotta do more with mayleen.

And like part 1, a few obscure IMP characters have a short cameo, spot around to see

Cerrig the ex- Lsu member (other LSU's Cazin and Romzy also popping up for a split second)
Kaze as a puppet.
The stupid Narrator.
A SPUD smurf protection member among the street vendors.
And Rez who's owned by WarriorOpain


long time!

the episode was real funny but its been like 7 months since then,how long is it gonna take?

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Great xD
there's not so much to say cuz it's so great
and Ta med lite jobbig svenska henrik :P
de kommer säkert inte fatta dig >.<

have a great time ^^

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Great episode.

But like creaphoenix said, please make a new one. I mean, I know one can't rush perfection, but honestly, how long has it been?

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it was great but...

it has been a long while. could you make a new episode please.

&quot;Chant of worship&quot;

IMP,IMP,IMP,IMP YOU ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dec 3, 2007
3:28 PM EST
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