An Ingus PSA: Shoplifting

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EDIT 12.4.07: I added a quality control button in the top left corner, which stays almost invisible, but it's there is you need it. I also got rid of that annoying thin line that was along the bottom of the video (the .fla's dimensions were .4 different from the dimensions for the upload). I don't know if you'll see this changes instantly or not, though.
Can be graphically intense on slow-running computers. Requires Flash 9.
Ah, PSA2. It was such a simple project that took me so long to get around to finishing. Alas, here it is.
This is pretty short, but I think it's pretty funny. The credits are pretty awesome too.
Since everybody loved pointing out the "subliminal" message of the last PSA, I hid another one for you guys to find this time.
Enjoy and don't forget to vote!


Warning: Learning Detected

LOL Great. Those are some great facts by Ninja.


Aw man, that's a bummer

oh well, at least he won't become a tired, overused joke

Good cartoon

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KupaMan responds:


Actually Pretty Good

the only thing wrong was that ingus wasn't there, and yeah, but i have a question, are you guys going to make any more episodes? or just PSA's?

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KupaMan responds:

Ingus: Episode 9 is coming soon (well, sort of). Episode 10 will come eventually.


cool episode


I think Ingus is getting worse with each episode. It's an awesome series and I hate to see it decline like this. The mob episode was probably my fav.

KupaMan responds:

Well, this is hardly an episode, but I see what you mean. My favorites are Episode 5 and Episode 8. I wouldn't call it a decline, though. You'd be giving too much credit to too many episodes. I liked this one, but I didn't expect too many people to agree with me. Thanks for watching anyway.

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4.24 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2007
8:20 AM EST
Comedy - Original

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