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Use the mouse to guide the ball. Mute button is next to the level indicator. Made by Dave Doucette, sponsored by flashninjaclan.com

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hey well.

well i liked it!!!
just couldnt pass the
level with the spinning blades.
that 1s hard

Not good.

This game could have been great. But there were so many flaws and glitches. The level design was horrible. The terrorist HQ was drawn horribly. For some reason, you made the walls thick and two colours. The only thing this accomplished was making half the wall invisible so you would constantly keep hitting it. Then, throughout the whole game I couldn't stop being annoyed by how the dot didn't even stick to the mouse! It stayed about a centimetre above and to the left. This was incredibly annoying. On top of that, the levels were stupid. There were no different things, just the same over and over again. This game was actually so boring and flawed I stopped playing.

learn and forget

what ever that other guy said is not all true although you do need to have a steady hand to get though this game but the point is to not get down on what people just learn and forget what they say.


I see the cheaply made menu, and to be quite honest, I'm not expecting much to begin with.
Looking at the other reviews, I'm beginning to to wonder if this game is worth the time.
I played through it anyhow, getting through to the finish.

Overall, I'm extremely disappointed.
The controls were sluggish, where the lag in the character might as well made it more worth your while mapping the character to an analog stick, let alone a keyboard and god forbid, a mouse.

The background in the terrorist camp made differentiating between parts of the wall and the background difficult. Adding a distinct wood grain, or adding an outline would've been such a blatant quick solve, I'm unsure as to why you didn't do it.

For once, the music loop didn't annoy me, although it wasn't anything special. The pause and play buttons were buggy, however, because put simply, there was no play button, and "Unpausing" takes about 2-3 minutes -- It's not essential, but to be quite honest, it's an annoying flaw.

The lack of a life limit or a "You have died -- Press Ok To continue" made the game less immersive and more just a grind where you don't care if you die, it's just an obstacle to get to the next level, so clocking it becomes less of a challenge.

Graphics wise, the plant and the generator escape scenes weren't too well thought through, although they were clear and easy to navigate, just felt as though they were 'slapped together'.
A few of the graphics seemed to serve no practical purpose, for example -- the "Whale's fin" at the top of level 1, and the extremely large fan on one of the more difficult levels.

Storyline wasn't convincing. If you do something that is going to hit all the cliche's on the head, please, let it have enough dignity to be a pisstake, or just don't storyline it at all.

Overall, when played through, the lacklustre graphics, sluggish and possibly inappropriate controls, cliche, undignified storyline and single, unconvincing background loop rank this game a 2 out of 10.

It was a nice attempt, but if you're going to make games, make them of a high standard -- This could've been improved in so many simple ways, it felt as if it was an extremely quick job.

Surprise, surprise.

One looks at a pleasent opening screen. One reads the instructions. Something about traps, dangerous environment etc. One expects something cool, like a nice platformer or so. And then? YAMA - Yet Another Mouse Avoider. Admittedly, one of the better ones graphically, but somehow the concept really got boring.

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2007
4:03 PM EST
Skill - Avoid