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Update 2/17/08: Holy Sh*t!!! 10,000 views? Man you guys must love this stuff. I sure do, anyway. I just finished the third scene and the forth one is coming along nicely. Check out my user page for an update and a pic! Don't forget to check that out and leave a comment! Well thanks everyone for your support, now vote 5 And spread the word. Cheers!
P.s. Recommend this to the Madness section plz :3

Update: Wow 5000 views! Thanks everybody for your support. I've Just reached 2,500 frames of the actual flash and its about 1:24 min. so its coming along nicely. So I hope everyone had a happy new year and don't forget to vote 5 and recommend this for the Madness Collection. :3 Cheers!

A few months ago I read somewhere about 'Wouldn't it be a cool idea to mix madness with Portal?' (which was actual from my buddy Tasers, I know I just forgot, and yes hes the guy who did the Dad episodes) Well I took it upon myself to expand on this and bring you a really cool flash. THIS IS ONLY A TRAILER, I made it after I was so impressed with the product of the first scene. I hope you all injoy this, and hopefully it get into the *cough* madness section *cough* and all of you will vote resonabley...or just vote 5. Hope you enjoy my first completed project!

Also: The flash might be slow depending on your computer my recommendation is setting it on medium or low quality, thought it doesn't look as good.

Edit: Since everybody is mentioning it, the only reason I have the release date so long is the fact that I don't know when I will truly finish it. Though if I procrastinate the maximum date of being prolonged is madness day. There is a very high chance that I will finish it sooner.Just clearing that up for you. Thank-you for the reviews!


I don't blame you

Awesome! I REALLY LOOK FORWARD TO IT! xD Keep the good work up, and remember:

The cake is not a lie!

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nice video

wow this is pretty cool. keep up the good work. lol Acegravefiller was born on 9/22? i was born 9/23. lol

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I don't hate you

Congratulations. You youthenized your faithful companion cube faster than any subject on record.

Well animated, test subject. You are doing quite well. You are an outstanding flash artist.

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Holy shit...

Umm... you were showing the date i was born on, holy shit!!!
9/22, damn thats scary! IS that the day you created it?!Oh yea, btw, you should create more!
10/10 and 5/5 for you my man!

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COOL, YES. but..

DUDE!!! You spelled Krinkels name WRONG!!!! WTH KRIMKLES????

NOOOOO... Epic fail.......

Good flash but... you know why..

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Dec 1, 2007
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