Lethal Lens

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Been working on Lethal Lens for a long time. Started 4 and a half months ago. Took about 2 months for the animating, then a lot of time was spent waiting for the music, but it never came, so I decided to use Drumr345's great tunes.

www.mackproductions.net for more!

Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy my newest clay animation!


Awesome movie Dan!

What's up Dan!

I've been waiting for this movie to come out since I saw it on your site (a few months) and I'm really impressed man. As always, the animation was great, but what I'd really like to comment on are the characters. I hope they become as memorable as the Become Man and the green Ogre, because they're probably my favorites. You did an awesome job establishing the robot to be an evil dude (I wanted him dead) and the 2 clay creatures as the good guys. I loved the ending in which the good guys actually WIN in the face of this merciless killer robot. The plot twist combined with your awesome animating and characters makes this movie one of your best man!

I can't wait for more claymations by you man.
~James (Darksbane)

MackProductions responds:

Thanks Darksbane! Good to hear from ya again

Wao clayastic movie!!!

Very original video! Keep it up!


That was awesome. Really cool concept. I liked it how the clay teamed up. I lol'd so hard when it showed the blue guy hanging on the lamp with the comical expression on his face. The animating was almost as good as knox. One question, how did you make the webcam transform into a transformer?

-Reviewed By-


MackProductions responds:

The little camera actually IS a transformer. I saw it and that was the inspiration for this movie.

I don't like claymations too much...

but this is great and funny. nice job.

Nice movie1

I wonder if clays die by falling from table?

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3.98 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2007
10:05 PM EST
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