the Closing Hour (part 2)

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I present you with the grim and unsettling results of a semester's worth of work! I unfortunately had to split the file to fit in the file size parameters (it could have been hosted perhaps, but I was impatient to get it out). You can find a higher quality file on my site, in one peice, if the splitting is an issue.

Part 2 of 2, both online currently.

©2007 Grey Gerling. All Rights Reserved.
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great work once again

but i think closing time ed be a better credits song


I think the hole in his brain was a tumor

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I have a LOT to say about this.
I believe just like johnLeprechun said, that the black monsters were so to speak, death. and that the clock symbolises "your time is up". At first our hero runs away from death. But after a while he realises. Why not embrace death with open arms?
his life is so boring he might as well...
sort of sad that way.
And of course the monsters aren't real.
And one last thing. Remember the picture with a hole in the brain? i believe its a x-ray picture of our heroes head. after HE HIMSELF had shot himself in the head. I'm honestly not so sure about the gun because it never appeared in the film.
And i don't know why he dies three times in the story either. Who knows? i might be completely wrong about EVERYTHING!
ANYWAY. congratulations barfQuestion for making one of the best movies on newgrounds! it makes me sad that there are only 70 rewivs on this movie...

p.s oh yes! and this is a summary of both parts so hope you have seen all of the movies before you have read this... anyway, Bye for now!

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Deep and Beautiful

That's all I can really say about this flash. Deep and beautiful.

I get it!

The weird dude with the markings on his face was supposed to be death, right? In which case, when he held out his hand peacefully with the watch on his wrist was very symbolic. I liked how he ended up going peacefully. Besides the awesome meaning, your animation style and sound choices are fantastic. Did you actually draw each of those out, frame by frame?

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