I Am Dateowulf

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(Update) Holy ballstien! My first award! I just cried, tears of awesome!

(Update) W00T! FRONT PAGE! THNX!

Audio-I tried many times before making this flash to find quality audio. Unfortunately I could not. There was only so much I could do with flash to clean up the audio I recorded. Sorry for the poor quality of sound.

I saw Beowulf at the Imax in 3D! I shat myself! Go see it before Beowulf comes a knock'n at your door!

I went to see it twice to capture the audio. I was just going to use the same audio from the preview but there as alot of extra noise in the preview, like explosions and music and such. Enjoy!


sound check

I thought it was pretty funny. good idea. Maybe instead of using the actual actors voice though, you could have done the voice for that too. The change between the dad and Beowulf was kind of awkward. But the sound was fine other than that. Good job. :)

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perfect 10

that was funny man. u have to see the movie to get the joke i guess thats why those other peopel gave a low mark well who knows. good job!

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Could have had a lot more to it. But it looked good.


not really funny
I havent even smiled

Deja Vu

I figured out my girlfriend wuz cheating on me so i waited for her new boyfriend to come and he came to the door like this we had a fight and i won, the end. By the way that was an awesome flash. The sound was fine.

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3.93 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2007
12:21 PM EST
Comedy - Parody