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Euphoria Saves the Day

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This was originally going to be a video clip for the song on it. But I failed. With terrible results... that are cool.

The last 5 or so seconds took the longest to make. You'll see why... But I am very happy with it.
My hand still aches from drawing. And my eyes.
I hope you enjoy this short random animation.
Reviews greatly appreciated, thank you. :D

PS: the "...no" at the end is the answer to the writing at the start. So read it. :P

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That was great i absolutly loved it! The animation was solid and was smooth. The sound file you found was perfect! there was nothing wrong with that. Very well done. Best short I've seen by far.
10/10 :3

dhedarkhcustard responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.


I liked the part when it all goes colourful.
And i especially liked the explosion at the end, THat was F*cking awesome

dhedarkhcustard responds:

Thanks man, it took me ages to do, partly because it was many many frames of drawing, and also because I was crying of laughter while I was animating it... just one of those moods you know? Anyway, thanks for the review.


Nice as always.
It's short but It's preaty funny.
You have a good type of style to your animations and thats one thing I like about them.
It's not the funiest thing I've ever seen bt good work mate!
8/10 :D


dhedarkhcustard responds:

thanks man, I know its short, but the explosion makes up for it yeah? ... Thanks for the review.

Short, but sweet!

Lol...reminds me of how some people just can't take a kind gesture and smile every once in awhile. Short, but awesome. I lol'd. Nice work!

dhedarkhcustard responds:

Heh yeah. Or maybe how the world is full of unhappy people and trying to make them happy is impossible. lol. I dont even know why the world blows up. I think i made the rod explode rather than the cube dude. Just an excuse to blow up the Earth I think.heh. Thanks for the review.


Short and evil... Like it... Nothing to say at all... Maybe the explosion could have been done BIGGER.

dhedarkhcustard responds:

Bigger? It took up the entire screen. Haha. Maybe a louder sound effect for the big bang... hmmm... Thanks for the review.

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4.47 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2007
5:50 AM EST