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this version is better than that shit version you all watched



but not that grate

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Horsenwelles responds:

eh... ill take it... kinda what i was expecting

"Metrawesome" would have been a better title.

That aside... The visuals definitely convey Egoraptor's style adequately.
The voices were allright.
However, the humor just... isn't the same. For one thing, mentioning how many times one dies in any given videogame isn't a particularly amusing way to convey a videogame, since one can pull the same feat in practically any videogame (depending on the difficulty level of the game, and of course how badly the player sucks at it).
More Metroid-specific jokes would have been funnier; the Ridley gag was allright, for one thing. Another example of something Metroid-specific could be a scenario involving the Morph Ball, for instance. (Such as... HOW the hell can a person wearing such a large suit of armor roll into such a tiny ball?)

So yeah... All in all, not bad.
I like your choice of subject matter, but you could have done more with it.

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Horsenwelles responds:

i was thinking about doing that as a third sketch (as one of the screw ups mentioned), where she tries to roll out of the spawn chamber, then she unrolls, and its a bloody mess, but i diddnt have time... i might actually update it with that in there.

Flash Review #326

haha lol! funny flash! lol u luv it! great job lol!

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Horsenwelles responds:



i gave it a three becuae it was good and yah so that was preety good for what i've seen today but it might make it i'm rooten for ya!!! :)

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Horsenwelles responds:

thanks, it made it.... i was hoping for a higher score


I see everyone is using the successful on NG flash now, and it's working. The graphics were ok, the sound was a little uneven at times but overall ok, and it was pretty funny. It left off weird though, could've added more, and maybe, just an idea, you could exploit the whole OMG SHEZ A GURL!1!!1oneone thing.

Good job though, favorited.

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Horsenwelles responds:

the sound was all me, thanks for favorin (i left a news comment about it and ur guitar!)

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Nov 29, 2007
6:48 PM EST