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Modern Medieval 2

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Move- WASD or arrow keys
Change Weapon - q and e
Attack - Mouse

Thank you to Felipe and Mark for the help with music/sounds.

And Thank you to Armor Games for sponsoring.


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Nostalgic to no end...

Slightly agitated. I get into game breaking glitches meaning i am not able to progress.

The sound at one point just turned off all together which sucked for a time being because i tried to fix my comp[uter which was working fine.

On one level i was progressing and jumping over the moving spikes, and then i start to go up. So i keep going to see if i can just skip past it. (I thought it was a a shortcut) ANd then im stuck on top of the map unable to see myself.

However solid art style. And a fun game overall. The bugs though can ruin the game due to the factr there isnt a restart button.


I kept hearing this old voice in my head that I hadn't heard in years, saying, "Oh man you died..." and so eventually I decided to come back to this game, even though I remembered not liking it.

This is a game obviously made by an amateur. I'll admit I like the simplistic art style, which is very nice to look at visually, but there are a bunch of other problems with the graphic scheme... For instance, the poor animation and the fact that really long bits of ground can make you feel entirely lost or almost as if you're walking in place! Adding simple tick marks on the ground would help relieve this odd feeling. As it is, I guess you could shoot arrows to give yourself something to look at. Not only that, but the thick lines looked bad on the small moving platforms. That's definitely something to change.

The sound is amazing... The music sounds great and the voice acting is hilarious! The sound effects were pretty minimalistic but all in all sounded good as well, if unremarkable.

The gameplay is where most of my complaints are. First of all, the lack of a moving background (or anything to fix your gaze upon, really) makes it exceedingly difficult to time jumps. Throughout the entire time I played, I only lost one or two lives out of about seven or eight by losing all of my health... The instant death pits aren't bad, per se, but you need to give the player some visual input to prevent them from killing themselves. Not only was the plainness of the graphics a problem, but also the fact that the platforms were very unpredictable. Having some kind of line to show the limits of how far they went, or even easing to make platforms slow down before turning around, would have saved me a lot of unnecessary trouble. And when you have to restart the entire game when you lose, that is a LOT of unnecessary trouble.

In addition, I felt that the game gave the player very little instructions and had a lot of unnecessary doodads. I ended up cycling through the sword and spear multiple times looking for the bomb or bow because those were the only good weapons! The enemies also tended to be rather bland, with all of the difficulty coming from frustrating jumps that were difficult for the wrong reasons.

I do like what you have here, but the graphics need a little more detail, even if for utilitarian purposes, and the entire thing needs to be a little more polished.


i love hittin them when they are down on the ground

ok game

average game with a killer soundtrack.
( what the is song on the third level?)

things to improve on
better jumping and such, make the bad guy fight back.