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When Titans Collide

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Hello Newgrounds,

This flash is an experimental project. About a half year ago I made a video without music. I looked for several artists to create music for it. The artists working seperately from eachother, each with their own work of art and their own interpetation, eventually all made a song for it. The idea behind this is the following. You can watch the same video multiply times now, with different songs. Every time you watch it with a different song you watch it through the eyes of the musician, his interpetation. So you can see the same video and get a different feeling out of it.

If you like the idea behind this submission and are interested in making music for it yourself, then you can contact me on MSN: rith@oma-g.com or IM: rithix1988. Later this year I will upload a larger version on my homepage. I might also update this one, but I prefer to keep filesize low on newgrounds.

For this submission I'd like to thanks the following artists:
wAgAwAgA - www.samosborn.com
DJLTD - djltd.newgrounds.com
Naitzmic - www.naitzmic.com
Tijmen - www.purevolume.com/tijmen
The Swedish Bomb Factory - XXXXXX

Don't forget to vote. Also, reviews would be nice. Tell everyone which song you like best and why. Thanks for taking the time!

EDIT: The outlining should be fixed now.

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The thing that makes me wonder is....what drug do you need to be on when you can start seeing floating walruses shooting blue light from their head to create trees.

10/10 I liked the wagawaga one best


real awesome, I like how you could pick the background music


I love working in Acid and thought the artist used it well....a lot of things could have happened that didn't....but thats all up to artistic license. Good job! I love the concept and might even be interested in composing for something like this myself!


so far i think the first song is the best. This is one of the weirdest things I've seen. Still sweet tho. Is there a hidden message or something?

Excelent quality.

Hey, yo! I know how someone with passion for something doesnt matter to work a lot on his stuff. not only flahs, but ion anything in life. your effort is clearly seen here. so you are my kinda guy. :D

second. the art was very good, but a little weird.

to be honest. I dint like this flash. is not the kind of thing I like to see, its very random. i would say... abstract.

However. the fact that I didnt like it doesnt mean you deserve a bad score. as I said before. you did work on this a lot. and you gave us your best.

an 8 would be perfect for the ocassion, but I am giving this a vote of 4, what you say? :D

Credits & Info

4.55 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2007
12:52 PM EST