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This one took a little longer to create than my other games, about a month and a half in total...

It was made using SwishMAX and I used Photoshop/Cinema 4D for the graphics, FL Studio and Audacity for the Music and Sound FX. All programming and content created by me!!

Theres a few upgrades and its worth repairing your ship and upgrading your shields if you're gonna survive, that said the bigger/better weapons help as well ;)

You receive awards for high accuracy and sheer amount of killage, plus killing the boss, complete it all and it unlocks a "hard mode" in the menu although I'm not entirely sure if "hard mode" is possible to complete...let me know??

Theres a version on Mousebreaker.com in case you want to get your name on the highscore board!!

Thanks for checking it out.

EDIT: Taa for all the votes to get another daily 5th place!!




I enjoy the game however i got bored before i made it to the boss... I didn't like how a lot of times at the start of the game you couldn't stop the ships from shooting at you... They came on the screen and seemed to have already fired no matter how fast i shot them they always hit me... That being said it seemed to get easier as you got further in the game.... The "harder" units, and i only say harder because later in the game the units are supposed to get harder, didn't do any damage to me. Ya they could run into my ship but all i had to do was click really fast and all over the screen to kill them all lol.... The green guys shot again but they took to long to get on the screen and made them easier kills LOL... Like i said it was hard at the beginning and easy as hell at the end... Fun game though!

good game

Its pretty fun except the only way to stop them from shooting you is to destroy them. Its not that hard. (Really its not!)

Psionic3D responds:

True ^_^


Idea was simple but it worked. The sound loop was maybe short but still ok. I really liked the fx on the cockpit when you fired the laser, that was a neat detail. Anyhow it lagged a lot, but that is probably because my computer is slow right now. Well, can't blame you for that so an 8 is what you get.

Psionic3D responds:

Yeah, I would love to include way more music in my games but filesizes and all that ;-)

Theres a "Low Quality" toggle on the bottom of the main menu, should play "much" faster with that toggled.

pretty fun

An enjoyable way to blast apart enemy ships...
but i was never clear on why they spin when they atack your ship...
the music was a bit too repetative,
but aside from those two its probly one of the better shooters of its type

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks, they spin to avoid being shot....or its a vortex in this part of space...or they are simply drunk pirate pilots ;-)))

its not bad

it wasnt too great, but its not bad either. its ok. my only issue with it is its repetitivity. point and click shooters usually have this problem though. one thing that could work for you would be to add fullauto to the weapons or maybe enemies that shoot back, i dont know it just felt like it was missing quite a bit.
practice, looking forward to seeing other submissions

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3.48 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2007
9:49 AM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person
  • Daily 5th Place November 30, 2007