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Nodes 2

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Author Comments

Nodes 2 is finally here, sorry about the delay. Now with 30 brand new levels and some cool features. We took into consideration all suggestions given and tried to put them in. Sorry for the level editor not having all the features available in the game, but some things just cant be added.

Time to get your brain thinking in this unique puzzle game :)

New features include -
- Level Editor with code you can share with everyone
- Curvy Lines
- Mirrors

Sponsored by Hypegames.com

Note - When pasting Codes into level editor, leaving spaces between lines will stuff it up, so make sure to remove them if copying them out of NG reviews and such.


good but...

lvl 9 outta 15 on medium fustrated me so much that i don't want to play this game. sorry. 3/5 6/10

Eh, not my kind of game

it was alright, passed some time entertained me for a little bit. Could have used the mirrors a little more to make it a bit harder and more of a variety.
Heres my level if you wanna try it...
0512331010272011534853314231611243335 0607627521248605815731702935102935107 9351079351129351129351179351179351231 3512313513310194840522950224540352590 29419022360351360352308351308351%%%%%

Numa Numa

2013333273702333552242614033352943102 9430137635828137036926802935106904507 9351029046048045129351029352179351231 3512313515223515223524683514683514153 51415351360351360352308351308351||||%
%%%%%|||||||||| pretty good game.


"we hatch new games daily"
this flash game certainly makes that a believable statement

instead of making a new one every day, take some time to make a really good one instead of a bunch of forgettable mediocre ones

Eggy responds:

Actually it says "Hatching new games REGUARLY" see, reguarly, not daily. I wouldn't make mediocore daily games.

it was alright.

I liked it well enough. the music became a little repetetive and i was going through at a pretty quick pace. Also, was it me or did the blue lazers (the curved ones) act a little arbitrarily? If it was something straight outta photoshop, some bezier curve shit, I could understand, but what was dictating the actual curve? I understand that all levels were beatable, but there should be some consistency with the ways the arcs get formed.

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Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2007
8:02 AM EST
Puzzles - Other