Boulder Insurance

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One of the projects for my digital art class was to make a twelve-second PSA on the topic of our choice.

My topic? Boulder Insurance. It's the fastest growing threat to adventurers and pedestrians alike.

So enjoy this ad, but at the same time, be informed. Boulders are out there, and there not just for booby traps anymore.


It was kind of funny...

but way to short...You could have made it a bit longer.

The animation, and graphics were good!

Avenar responds:

glad you liked it! I would have made it longer, but the requirement was that it be 12 seconds or less (that was a challenge in itself). But don't worry, I've got some new flash stuff planned that will be proper long and (hopefully) proper good.

Unfortunately, it's true

People do get unlucky. My friend, he got ran over by a boulder the other day...yea, she mad a huuuuge imprint on his back. We caught her, though. Luckily, she stopped rolling after she went down the stairs.
....wait, an actual boulder? Oh........

good flash! Sry, felt like being random >.<


it was a little too short though


Very good flash quaolty. I like how you put indiana jones in it. You should make more funny ads.

Indiana jones

Very short movie but i laughed when i realised, the ad was being down by Indiana Jones and his father. It went so fast but when the second man got rolled over, i liked how he got funny x on his face. The first avoided it good movie, it was really good i not though of boulder insurannce. I like this sort of humour,It was clever using the arrows, to show how they got it right its the law.

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3.52 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2007
5:03 PM EST
Comedy - Original