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Dress up Danielle!

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Someone told me I should put my "hot" female characters to work more. So I did! Danielle's particularly fiesty, being a redhead & all...

Make sure you click around after dressing her -- sometimes there's an extra surprise.

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Well you tried, it wasn't a bad idea to have a dress up game speak to the player, but honestly the voice was so low quality it wasn't pleasant to listen to.

Art overall looked nice I have to say, and that's not just because I'm perverted, which I am.

It's a cool game but would like to get her more naked!

click the yellow dress then click it off her for a suprise

A unique dress-up game

Wow this was a differant type of dress up game, i love the little effect that the clothing is hanging then when you place it, it fits the body that was very nice feature, you should have more stuff offered though, maybe have the closet rotates for more clothing even adding some risque style stuff and even some amusing and funny stuff, just thought i would throw that out there, also nice job on having backrounds, not alot of people do that or go to that much effort but, its nice to see, anyways nice job on this one i was pleased with everything, except lack of stuff.

Improving on stuff is always a Plus, so here are some decent suggestions on making things better, you should give them a try or atleast a thought. This one could use more items, as suggested above maybe a rotating closet with differant themes