Fear Hole 6 - Part one

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If you haven't seen the Fear Hole before, this one isn't going to make any sense, so watch one of the other ones first! This is the least funny episode (in my opinion) and focuses more on story.

I began working on this as far back as June, and intended to release it as a single episode on Halloween, my birthday. Unfortunately, I spend so little time in flash each week (and so much of THAT time just drawing, re-drawing and re-re-drawing) that I'm still wrapping things up a month late, and the file size has gotten too ungainly for a single file. The second half ought to be done in another week or two, and will be much shorter than a regular episode but packed full of monsters and some overdue character history!


great cartoon

i will give it 12 if i can

hurry up

i have to see the end

and was webster trying to do somthing with Wepondery?


Ahahaha anus bats, nice work btw looking forward to another

This author shines

Graphics, animation, and sound are all right up there with the best of them.I found this flash every bit as entertaining as the rest of them and I absolutely can't wait for more of them.


If i could give 11 out of 10 i would. This was amazing, the story, the drawings, the animation all brilliant. Can't wait to see the next episode :)

Keep up the amazing work!

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3.96 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2007
1:15 PM EST
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