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the Musical Evenizer

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To: You
From: Your secret admirer

Try to keep the music even with the middle line! Move with the arrow keys, and drop weights with z and x. Pick a song from the dropdown menu at the top to start. You can even play with your own songs!

A super amazing special thanks to the artists who submit their music to the audio portal. I have a crush on all of you.


hi...Im serious and honest here but whenever you start the game the instructions is not enough to give enough information. I tried playing a song. locally or in newgrounds nothing happens.
the dropdown menu doesnt display any song at all. and Playing other songs doesnt work at all.

How do I get started?

I just made an account today just so I could ask, how exactly do you put your music on here? Also where are the "preset" songs you said are on here? All in all, a good game, even if I can't play music...

How do you play the music? It doesn't work.

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can it work on other songs?

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