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Yay for Xmas brain-poop!

As promised, here is the final (11th) installment of Sci-Fi Guys, produced back in 2001 and (currently, at least) not available elsewhere online. If you like these lazer-blasting laffs, the whole SFG series (along with a few other hidden treasures) is available on the "Every Little Something by DAVE" DVD loceated here: umop.com/dvd.htm

All your favorite Christmas-themed TV & film classics are galactically chewed up and spit back at you by Lenny, Dudley, and Bungi, as they pursue a children-gobbling alien posing as Santa Claus, in this instantly classic episode. Well, it's old, so it's at least classic in the technical sense.

Merry Christmas + Happy '08



So many refrences, so little time.

That was incredibly funny with tons of cartoon special references. I've never seen Sci-Fi Guys, but I'm going to start.

All Hail the Sci-fi Guys!

The crappy animation is more than made up for by the excellent writing. Is this really 7 years old?


The hidden Santa was lulzy :D

This series is really awesome for its time.

Almost as alternative as Futurama

Wow, this was a realyl funny movie. Who cares about Xmas spirit, when you can produce things like this?! Personally, I think this is much better than Retarded Animal Babies, as the Sci-Fi jokes tend to elevate this toon to a whole new level, where it doesn't rely so heavily on the boobs and wanking jokes.

I did feel really sorry for Bungie, as he didn't get a lazer of his own to play with. He's not like certain Xmas cartoon characters of yours who have shot themselves through the eye :P

I love the fact that you had your own cameo and that your own characters took the piss. Any chance of doing that with RAB and having you ice Bunny for the whole look of the thing?

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Nov 27, 2007
3:23 PM EST
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