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Author Comments

There were some bugs with the background which I noticed just now which I fixed.

Hi. This animation tells about Takeo Motsihiru who is a bounty hunter in ancient Japan. I made this animation as my school work. I hope you enjoy.

Ps. give me a comment about the animation.

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Ok, I enjoyed it...

About the animation... Well, it is good, but you shoul improve some movements from human chars. Anyway, the story is good, but I think that it needed a little bit more dinamism. Sometimes the action is so slow...

For example, when TM shoots that blue wave, it takes too much time to move and impact on the shuriken... That scene should have been better if it were faster.

Ahem... That's it. Sorry for my bad english, i'm spanish... XD

You´re still green, but...

... You really took a lot of effort in this flash. Well done. You still have a lot to learn, though. Try to improve one thing at a time, like your drawing style, or a slightly complex story. Take it as an objective for your next movie.
You made a nice use of visual effects and blurs. Congratulations in that.
If this your first movie in the site, it´s a really nice debut. Go on and make something even better for the next time!
I´m sure you will make it.

White-Wizard responds:

You're right about that I'm "green"..:D I must say that this is the first animation with "real" characters. With stick figures I've plenty of experience... And because this was a school work I got little trouble with deadline. But thanks for great rewiev! =)

Keep practicing

Well, i think this was better than the average NG submissions, but you still need to improve your skills (as everyone)

Ok, here's some advice, or thing that you need to improve.

-Animation: The movements are very limited, although some things were animated decently, try to work more in the movements, try to use less tweening and use more fbf, it's more work, but the result is heaps better if done correctly.

-Backgrounds: Work a little more on the backgrounds, but remember, you don't have to have extreme detail in the backgrounds, you can have very stylized and simple backgrounds and at the same time having them look great, just work more on the perspective, adding a little depth by darkening or adding light to the objects really helps, as well as a bit of shading here and there, there are some great tutorials you can find in the tut section that can help you with this.

-Scenes: Some scenes are very slow, like in some parts when they are fighting, watch this little details as the pacing really affects in the overall movie, i would suggest storyboarding.

Whoa, i typed a lot, hehehe, anyway, keep it up, and keep practicing just as i do.


The graphics of it weren't good at all, it is passable, but you shouldn't have chosen action as the genre of the flash until you develop more technique, they are basic, but can get better. Sound was pretty bad and may i suggest that you don;t make and object smaller and turn it around to change the angle view of it (example if the sword is in the air the faces the view at a different angle, same with the guys) try not to make the movement that quick until you develop your skills to make it right. Story was pretty good, not too original, but good. I suggest you use actual voice for the characters speech and if you can't dont want to or the sound quality will be bad you could change the view and change up the font a bit i mean at one point the words were switching fast and it was just a still image of the ninja. Anyways not bad work, hope you do well in the future and don't forget to practise.

Pretty Good!

Well overall it's a great movie. The plot is good, the animation is smooth, and I love ninjas, hehe. A few parts of the animation could have been more detailed, and at certain places where there are onecolord backgrounds they seem a bit too bright. Otherwise I enjoyed every second of it Seems like you worked a lot on this too, keep it up!


Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2007
2:41 AM EST