The Brass Seal: Ep 1b

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The Brass Seal is a privately run, government agency dedicated to fighting crime in specific regions, or particular states if necessary. This 2nd episode follows Archabald and James as they set out to stop a bank robbery. No actual robbing in this episode, more or less just a lack of teamwork before they head in to do the job.

This episode is much shorter and to the point than the first now that the characters are introduced. If you haven't seen the first one I suggest you do, but what do I know. This time around the audio is cleaner and the animation is a bit stronger. If anybody know some great tricks for drawing mouths and the proper timing of mouth to the audio track I could really use the help. It's not horrible here, but it could be better.

James' curled fingers after the ball punch are a throw back to the cartoon "Clone High" from MTV. If you don't know what that is check it out, because we can't be friends until you do.



Much better then 1a,albeit short !

Graphics where awesome as usual.

Thank god you got a better mic, the one used in 1a was really bad !

Watch 1c now.

worth staying up for

i'm so damn tried but i have to know what happens in the next episode.

punbeard81 responds:

Well take a nice long rest, episode 4 won't be around for a while. Tell your body I said thanks for a taking one for the team and probably losing that year off your life. They're the ones at the end anyway, so who cares?

Great job keep up the awsome work

I watched your flash for hours, over and over. I think you ave great skill. Any way this is a awesome toon watch it.

punbeard81 responds:

Hours and hours ehh? Well I suppose you can use my copyrighted catch phrase "Snapzilla" for free for showing such loyalty. Normally I charge a quarter. Glad you like it.

Nice job...

As the title says, nice job.. Though, you could have put something more so the movie was a bit longer. Anyway, it's fine. It seems I will enjoy this series (hopefully, you'll continue this.. Right?

And... I knew I had seen the curled fingers somewhere before! xD

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An intense continuation! Heh, why you split this animation in half is a surprise considering that the first ep is 8MB and this one is less than 1MB, a more even splittage wouldve been nice, but anyhow, i'ts still great stuff. Keep up the good work!


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Nov 27, 2007
1:48 AM EST
Comedy - Original