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Assassin's Weed

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Edit 3: Wow! Frontpage!?! Kool! :) BTW, due to all the whinning about my "being mean" in my comments to bad reviews, I've decided to not reply to crappy reviews like " OMG lolz You are teh Suxors" or anything along those lines. So yea. Be a fag if you want, just don't expect a reply...

Edit 2: Wow, daily fourth, sweet, thanks NG! :D

EDIT: I can't believe I forgot in the credits, but the guard was voiced by Courtney Leacock. Sorry dude, lost my head before submitting. Hope this counts. :)

So I never make movies anymore, mainly into working on games and such, but I've been really exited about Assassin's Creed, and thought I'd jump on the bandwagon of parodies that are popping up around here. The audio gave me some bad problems, so at this point, I was like ' fuck it ' and what's there is there. Voice acting's pretty in sync for the most part, but every sound effect I tried to add screwed everything up. Big respect to those who do the really great ones. Don't know how you guys do it. But atleast this will get some people a cheap laugh or two. Let me know what ya think. And hell, if ya really like it, do me a favor and suggest it to a video-game parody collection or something. :D



There were some good jokes, and some really boring dragged out bad ones. Luckily there were more of the first one.


what are the odds, that not one minute before I watch this, I was blazing a spliff. I thought it was hilarlious, good job man.


This is a bit corny....

pretty funny

i liked the animation. I laughed quite a few times as well so yea, heres a 7.

Was good

It had decent animation and good jokes, have my glorious 7, Hahaha! :D

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3.75 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2007
8:51 PM EST
Comedy - Parody