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Nov 26, 2007 | 5:53 PM EST

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This is the main page of a new website dedicated to online tournaments for xbox and playstation. The actual page is a little more advanced than this submission, but the music player had to be removed due to file size. (Original file is 18.6MB). Also, the original file is 1024 px X 768 px, had to be lowered because of maximum settings here on NG. Please critque what is there and know its not complete or dynamin since its not on the actual website.

NOTE: Thank you NG for all your influence and everyone on NG for being so helpful with learning AC & Flash.



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DUDE, i can`t even enter


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Color Scheme?

You might want to actually choose a color scheme, with the neon green, light purplish blues, and the deep's an eyesore.

Secondly, try for something other then those back and forth announcements, those things are sometimes hard to read and it gets really annoying if you miss it and have to wait for it to return to the start of the text.

Add more of an image! So far it's just a big black screen with a tank picture and a bunch of outlines of squares and such. Actual backgrounds for each windowed section would be good and possibly a logo that isn't some tank picture from google, especially if you want this to go big you have to have it all your own stuff aka Original.

This last bit isn't critique but advise: Don't Do Sites In Flash!

It's a major pain to have to go back and edit parts because you literally have to redo images, tweens, motions, colors ,etc.

HTML and the other website codes are a much better way to go about making a website 'less you're the only one that'll do the editing or 'less you have other who know flash just as well as you do so they can do editing aswell else it's gonna be a major pain in the ass when you try to get other to help with the work load.

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Fick-n-Butch responds:

I appreciate the advice, but I cant find any good WYSIWYG editors. With all the images I have in store for the site I dont know enough about html to get the images exactly where I want them on the page. I understood the hassle before I even began this project, and understand that it would be alot of work just to update it, but unless I can find an easier way thats actually possible for me to do within my deadline, im screwed :)