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Make sure your version of Flash is current. If game runs slowly, reduce graphics quality (button is in the game).

Race through the desert and try to get as far as possible before you crash and burn. Try to knock other cars out of your way to get bonus points and look out for power ups - you're going to need them if you want to survive.


Pretty good actually.

To start off, this was quite a good submission, I wasn't expecting this at all. Although i'm not that good a gameplayer, I managed to get to level 10 and before I died, the level really sped up. Which makes the game even better than what it is. As for the graphics, they weren't "shocking" good, but they were really good detailed overall. And did what they had to do. I especially liked how the game turned the camera around, an extra touch that really excelled the game. My advice is to up the difficulty just a bit and it will be more fun. Overall, great stuff you made a good submission that should win daily 3rd, or 2nd and it was simply fun. Nice job.

ok game

not bad. i liked the characters.. butt thought they should be played up a little more durring game play. they all had great designs that should have been exploited further.
i liked the randomly generated track and loved the powerups and rotating screen.


So much a copy of Pathfinder.... wow
but its still good, ill say...


Interesting game i like the characters and game play is different.

Best Line Avoider I've Played

Line avoiding games have become one of my least favourite types of games on Newgrounds, I've seen people try and make the concept more interesting but it generally still results in frustration and repetitiveness. I'm not sure if you'd even class this as a line avoider, but the basic concept is still there, you've just done an excellent job of making it more varied and entertaining.

Graphics were great, room for improvement, but generally very crisp and colourful. Especially liked the car selection with it's nice array of characters. Shame you couldn't make these out too well whilst driving.

Music was fine, and the inclusion of an off button is always welcome. Sound effects were mostly ok, I had one unpleasant sound that seemed to get stuck in loop on occasion, not sure if that was a bug or intentional.

The gameplay was generally very fun, loved the open track with a choice of routes, and the occasional rotation was unique and helped vary the gameplay. The powerups were well conceived too, nothing too original, but the ones used enhanced the gameplay without distracting from the general concept.

I found it became quite difficult to see where I was going later on, I expect this was intentional to make things harder, but maybe this could have been achieved through other challenges like moving obstacles (presuming there were none of these after the point at which I died).

With only one track there wasn't much replay value, definitely scope here for multiple courses. How about an ice track with reduced friction in icy areas, or a space track with anti-gravity areas. I understand that designing mutiple tracks would take a lot more time so I'm not discrediting this one for not having them, but it's something to consider if you were to make a sequel.

The mouse-click button had no function in this game, which is something else you could add for a future version. The most basic option would be a jump feature to avoid gaps in the track or jump over opponents. Alternatively you could add weapons and use the click to fire them, I think it's awesome to collect missiles and launch them at opponents.

There's no single reason why I'm giving this a 9 instead of a 10, I think there's just too much scope for improvement to suggest that it's perfect. I really liked the game though and I'd love to see a sequel one day. Great work, well done.

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3.70 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2007
10:49 PM EST
Sports - Racing