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This game was created as a fan art to help the Zim name live on. A simple platform game with easy controls. Get through each level as fast as you can. Collect keys to exit each stage, kill the knomes, avoid the spikes and lasers. Grab clocks for extra time. You will even get to play a Gir to help Zim get though small, tight areas. Beat the game with enough points and time left over to access doors that will lead to different endings.
Bad mouth it if you like, but only if you can do better :P
Hope you enjoy the game.

** To enter a door, make sure you have both keys, stand on the door and press the down key.**


not bad

good wallrunning mechanic but laggy as hell


you tried to help zim but instead you took it down even more. this was a fail form of Zim and no one should make a something about zim unless you are the original creator of the once great show

advice: dont try this again

'Tis okay

Certainly not super awesome, but it's okay. I think the weapon should have been easier to use. I found myself not being able to fire every once in a while, which got me killed more than once. The controls were a bit touchy, too, and there wasn't enough explanation for wall/ceiling-walking, so I had to learn that on my own. A better instruction section would have been very helpful. But I like Invader Zim, and being sad that it's off TV now, this has filled a hole in my heart. :)

u should

fix the frame rate, and add a "stop all sounds " actions

this shit sucks

maybe if i had a little time to do something or had an objective to this game i might like it. but it sucks so 0/5 , 0/10

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3.11 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2007
1:11 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other