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Anyone who likes Egoraptor has no taste whatsoever. Honestly people, how can you be so entranced by some poorly made flashes about video games?

9/10 of the reviews are garbage. If you're looking for whistle points, take a look.


well then.........

you my friend, are a total monkey-wrench in society, you have no sense of humor whatsoever and deal with it by insulting people who CAN do something to make people laugh you are entitled toan opinion, but a horribly made and insulting flash will make NOONE see things your way and most people who like awesomes do have taste

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AshfordPride responds:

Dont want to be your monkey wrench
One more indecent accident
Id rather leave than suffer this
Ill never be your monkey wrench

seriously dude

seriously, wtf is up with you? Egoraptor is the win compared to this sheit ( he is anyway ). being jealous of some1's creativity does not give you ANY reason to slack that person of for something he's done better than you. by watching this awful vid you dont make people look at the errors ( if there is any, i dont think so ) of Egoraptors work, you make them look at how bad you are yourself, and that you cant handle when someone is better at stuff than you. i would have given you at least -1, but that is not possible for the time being. you can have a 0 instead

You see?

This is why you can't have nice things.

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alot of "yes, umn....errr, but umn.....errrrr" and bad animations

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Seriously. Get over yourself.

Keep your damn opinion to yourself.

Lol i just find it hilarious that you are bashing someone who takes wildly random [good] animation, adds some blatant gamer frustration-commentary, and makes an amazing series. And you don't have the flash skill to make your stolen pictures' mouths move in sync at all, even for short bursts, with the words you're saying.

Plus your argument is just shit! "Oh, uh, wtf, all [egoraptor] did was do a bunch of shitty animation, talk really fast, and swear alot, and everyone loves me! Seriously newgrounds, wtf." First of all, it's because most of us like hearing someone else confirm our frustrations while playing a game, blown to massive proportions. Second, we RESPECT AN EXCELLENT FLASH ARTIST. He has his own, WELL-DRAWN characters, whose mouths at least partially move in sync, which is astounding considering that he's talking at a mile a minute.

So yeah. Take your flimsy argument somewhere else.

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0.99 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2007
1:10 AM EST
Comedy - Parody

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