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Street Fighter VSFV Ep 1

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Note 1:Sorry for the big file its because of the background music.
Note 2:There is a bug with the alternate ending so if your going to go trough everything check that last/

This is the first episode of a mini series of Short street fighter battles called Street Fighter VSFV. There is biographys,movie info, and info on the next episode. Yes I know the battles are short but I put all the extras like the alt. ending because of that. The next episode will be much long because more people will be invovled with the battle.

Please work with me this is my first full flash, I know its short but ive worked for a day on it and i never knew how long it would take to do something so short. so give me a break.

Im going to post a mini flash soon. Revealing Biographys of each character being used in the 4 episodes. Hopefully that will be done soon!


Decent menu...but horribly flawed.

I like the layout of the menu, and the whole design and extras of your movie is nice, but the "meat" of this movie could use a lot of work.

There are no sound effects or backgrounds, and the sprites you have used are horribly mismatched, clearly coming from two different games. With the number of Street Fighter games out there, that's inexcusable, especially for the two characters that you used. Worst of all, the soundtrack, which is really nice, only contains one song which does not change.

Please fix the bug in the next episode, use a more dynamic score, and add some sound to the movie. With some polish, this could be excellent, but right now, it's not even average.

not too bad

this was a test u say?
not bad at all in that case
however it did lack length.even for the 1st,i think it could have lasted a lil longer.
plus,ryu is better anyway=]
looking forward to more flash from u

VoodooSFV responds:


right now im working on something extremely simple and the next episode will invovle Blanka,Ken,Akuma, and a mystery fighter.

plus the alternate ending will invovle Lenardo from TMNT random but liek it says in the video it has nothing to do with the story.


not bad at all. yes it is short. and it lacks a bit of entertainment. but since that was a test run to your new flash i understand. as for quality thought it was rather good. the music made the load long but the graphics where decent. hope to see your flash in the future

VoodooSFV responds:

Episode 2 comming by monday hopfully

would've been better if...

there wass a background

it was longer

it involved more attacks, moves, and characters

Simple & boring

Made with Wat effort? if this was a good flash then I could submitt my stuff but really... its way too short no preloader even though newgrounds gives you one! I would not understand why this is of any enjoyment to anyone if this is not blammed. Just saying.

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2.88 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2007
11:46 AM EST
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