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Bug fixes
balloon cannot fly of the screen anymore hopes.
A game made for my UNI course in oz. Sorry for the size, i know its tiny, i had to make it so it could fit into a mobile.

Its a simple survival game, ie survive as long as possible, no score board yet. Mainly because i do not know how to make one.

INSTRUCTIONS for people who don't like clicking that instruction button
-Controls are simple, Arrow keys to move (up, down, left and right keys)
-Don't go off the stage (instant death)
-DODGE Meteors, Birds and Plane (ignore that afro kid at the bottom)
-EDIT- btw the afro guy doesn't do anything, i was bored

If there are any bugs tell me, I'll try to fix it.
Deviantart Link http://inixis.deviantart.
com/art/Equilibrium-70537 298


When I saw the name Equilibrium

I thought there was going to be some German folk metal present considering the name Equilibrium. well i was mistaken. Good game though but I died to much but for that i will give u a 9.
I LOVE TO DIE (in games)

I could be a game emo.... sad...


I think it broke... all I see is the afro kid and the score keeps going up, but the arrows aren't responding...

over 45,000 points and still going up and I stopped playing 5 minutes ago...

inixis-tk responds:

ok this is weird.. was the balloon on the screen i think i may have a bug.. ekk

loved it


Great game.

The Good:
Good graphics. Nice gameplay. Simple controlls. The afro guy :D. Everybody loves bolloons.
The Bad:
Got impossible to dodge birds at points. Too easy to get knocked off the level and die. Meteors got to unpredictable.
Even though the difficulty was insane, I likes it.
Somthing to think about:
A mute botton. An easyer 0-point radius (This means being able to stop the baloon completely).

inixis-tk responds:

yer i may reduce the distance the balloon moves to make it easier...


nice music it's like de de de do do do

haha yah

inixis-tk responds:

thanks :D

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3.24 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2007
11:19 AM EST
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