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Pro Revolution Golf

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Author Comments

Pro Revolution Golf: The Caddy Strikes Back

Flash game made for my course here in oz Made 6 months ago (JUNE 07). Recently I have been working on it (last week) on fixing a lot of the bugs that were there. My VERY FIRST platform game so be nice. (note Extras/ Bonus material for my UNI version has been removed, they may be added back later)

Its based on a little thing made up in ICT classes in Spain :D
Please visit it on my Deviant :D
com/art/Pro-Revolution-Go lf-70386675

HOW TO PLAY (for people who don't read instructions)
Forward = Right Arrow Key
Back = Left Arrow Key
Jump = Up Arrow Key
Double Jump = Up Arrow Key then Down Arrow Key
Attack 1 = U
Attack 2 = I
Attack 3 = O

PS- If you spot anything like bugs or things that does not seem correct, tell me and I'll try and fix it.



Definately good potential, but it lacked many things.
First, need a low quality option. Second, they touch you and you get hurt, there should be a battle animation for them.
And also, smaller would be better. It would be easier for you to make everyone smaller in porportion, because being that big, the screen can fill up with a lot of golfers. And needs upgrades and all that other stuff.

inixis-tk responds:

i'll take this into consideration if i make another platform game. Thanks


hah i think that its great but i agree with dew :)


Well I personally don't like golf games because they tend to be things like mini golf or some other variation, but this happend to be somthing totally different. Which is great, but the execution is lacking somthing, somthing that makes it stand out in general from other games. Somthing that will make me return to the game after dying. I liked that you gave us a story to work off of, to at least give us a reason to play the game, but the story is a bit farfetched for my eyes. If you were to make somthing with one guy hating another, not just a whole group it would have made sense. I also don't understand how there can be so many golf people, who all seem to have the "electirc caddy". I mean since when is there 100 or more people on one golf hole?

Anyway, the graphics in this submission are nice, but nothing special. You see when you create two character models and use them over and over, it gets dull real fast, and the graphics in general get a hit. The controls are also a bit odd. I mean if I wanted I could continue to press U or I and I could just keep going on and on. That is if I knew to go on in the first place, I spent the first five minutes just standing there, wondering what to do. There is also a problem with rewards, I mean isn't there upgrades or special bonouses or somthing? What about a highscores table? Somthing that will give us a point in playing it, or a point in coming back. Now that I thin of it why not some sort of dying animation? Like the guy falling down or somthing, instead of just dissipearing.

The good.
1. Fairly orginal- How many games like this are there?

The bad.
1. Few character models- I mean it's not fun hitting the same guy over and over is it?
2. Glitchy controls- A bit odd that you can click the same button over and over and kill them off just like that.
3. No instructions- They are there, but they don't help you very much.
4. High scores- What's the point of coming back to this?
5. No rewards/upgrades- Pretty one sided gameplay than.

Overall I would say that you put some good work into this, but there just isn't enough reason to play this game, and it just dosen't provide the fun it could. Pretty average game. 5/10

inixis-tk responds:

"I mean since when is there 100 or more people on one golf hole?", lol very true, its meant to be far fetch. It doesn't seem anyone had gotten to the later levels with more characters. yer i was thinking of adding bonuses and other clubs but heh its my first platform. thanks for the comment, ill defiantly use the advise for future platform games.


Make sure your game works when you post it. it never got past the load screen and i patiently waited for almost ten minutes.

inixis-tk responds:

is your flash up to date?

Not so bad

It's not so bad but it get's boring . Next time you could make it a Platform with this idea. Anyway at least you tryed

inixis-tk responds:

Maybe i should make it easier so people get to the other enemies..

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Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2007
5:30 AM EST
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