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*EDIT* Please recommend to NG Collabs and such :) You will be loved in a way only Frank's Hot Sauce can do!!!!

The Super Problems Collab: Super powers are cool and everything, but what happens when they become a disadvantage?

*NOTE* for those that don't want to look, in the "Extra" section, to return to the main menu, the bottom left comic is the one :)

in order of appearance

Intro - FunGuy
Flash - Fierras (my personal favorite)
Catwoman - Snubby
Spiderman pt1 - FunGuy
Ironman - BritishMoose
Hawkwoman - Nuggs
Spiderman pt2 - FunGuy
Galactus - BritishMoose
Colossus - FunGuy
Spiderman pt3 - FunGuy (my least favorite :D)
Humantorch - FunGuy
Credits - FunGuy

approx. 6 minutes and 30 seconds of run time

*EDIT* - thanks for frontpage Newground's Admin Crew! >)

*NOTE* if you think of funny comic character ideas, feel free to PM me with them, as a second edition will probably be released sometime in the next year.

a special note to ChubbtheHippo his Superman part can be found in the "Extra" section
a second special note to InvaderChris who did a Mr Fantastic piece, but due to unforseen problems, it could not be used.

*NOTE* if you pick up any audio issues, please feel free to pm me.


Not as funny as i expected

Actualy the superman scene was the best

Everyone's a critic - that includes me

As an avid comic book reader when I was younger, this reminds me of those times and makes me laugh. Great concept, simple to follow, a little bland but made up for with sheer comedy. It's easy to tell that great minds collaborated to make this. Who would've thought of Spiderman floating in limbo committing suicide to be funny, and been right? Great work, animation obviously took alot of effort but could've been expanded on. Love the menu, sound was smooth and on track, I'm becoming a fan! 7/10 mostly for sloppy graphics, which wasn't easily avoidable, I know.


I liked some parts like spidey in limbo and some others made me grin but thats it. Nothing special here exept for great animations. If the animations were crap than this flashfile probably wont last long


the spaderman part was the best by far.

Your right about it being a Super problem...

For some weird reason, I can't even get past the intro! What happens is when the preloader finishes, an outside house scene just slides on for a few seconds and blanks out. Can you please fix this problem? I waited nearly half an hour for it to load and it just busts up... well I can give you a 7 untill it's fixed.

funguy-dot-ca responds:

i would suggest golng to adobe and updating your flash player. thanks for the heads up.

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3.89 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2007
6:00 PM EST
Comedy - Parody