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Super Problem Collab

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*EDIT* Please recommend to NG Collabs and such :) You will be loved in a way only Frank's Hot Sauce can do!!!!

The Super Problems Collab: Super powers are cool and everything, but what happens when they become a disadvantage?

*NOTE* for those that don't want to look, in the "Extra" section, to return to the main menu, the bottom left comic is the one :)

in order of appearance

Intro - FunGuy
Flash - Fierras (my personal favorite)
Catwoman - Snubby
Spiderman pt1 - FunGuy
Ironman - BritishMoose
Hawkwoman - Nuggs
Spiderman pt2 - FunGuy
Galactus - BritishMoose
Colossus - FunGuy
Spiderman pt3 - FunGuy (my least favorite :D)
Humantorch - FunGuy
Credits - FunGuy

approx. 6 minutes and 30 seconds of run time

*EDIT* - thanks for frontpage Newground's Admin Crew! >)

*NOTE* if you think of funny comic character ideas, feel free to PM me with them, as a second edition will probably be released sometime in the next year.

a special note to ChubbtheHippo his Superman part can be found in the "Extra" section
a second special note to InvaderChris who did a Mr Fantastic piece, but due to unforseen problems, it could not be used.

*NOTE* if you pick up any audio issues, please feel free to pm me.



spiderman had a lot of time to think in there

slowly going crazy 123 and swich

crazy going slowly 456 and swich

lol nice


The Spider-man part was so funny, hah! On the other hand, the others weren't funny at all =I

funguy-dot-ca responds:

lol.... i really found after i did spiderman that the joke just turned out weak. i also thought almost all other parts were funnier then that one :) i'm glad you liked it

Not funny

Flash part: Was probably the most predictable I mean that joke going on for ages now. Not even tomamoto could make this funny
Catwoman: The joke didnt go anywhere plus wasnt she a cat person?
Spiderman: Stuck in a bathtub would been funnier.
Ironman: Rust? I mean this guy has a lot of potential like him getting punched and starts talking about his injury like a guy who just got a dent in his car by accident. But u guys choose rust ;D
Hawkwoman: :/ lame flagpole incident
Galactus: Would have been funnier with better voice acting
Colosus: Would have been funnier with more gruwesome outcome
Humantorch: same as flash

Yeh sorry dudes I only see missed oppurtunity here. The graphics were alright though. This flash feels a lot like that those 13 things not to do at halloween movie, 2 much forced jokes without any atmoshpere.

Nice job

Only thing i'll say.... is that queen song, is Flash....Flash Gordan, not The Flash lol.

funguy-dot-ca responds:

it was part of the joke.
Using 3 kinds of flash in one piece. Flash gordon- the flash and Adobe Flash :)


My favourite is the spiderman part.And a idea is that is that you make superman a supergay.

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3.89 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2007
6:00 PM EST
Comedy - Parody