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First C&B stick animation

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THIS IS A VERY OLD FLASH i made it back in, like, 2005 or 2006.
It's a fan-flash about "Corneil & Bernie" I'M NOT OBBSESSED!
anyways, the story is;

Bernie gets a new pool and right after he tells corneil about it, corneil tells bernie the truth, and its war! This is one of my first stick figure flashes. be nice please, I MADE THIS A YEAR OR 2 AGO!

This is also the very first flash i've made with a teen rating.

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5 is about right

it was ok. still childish, and not great, but it was decent at most.

good points:
- for once entertaining and showed your skills
- sound effects were present
- smooth animation

bad points:
- nobody on newgrounds likes this show. like at all.
- the overall picture was childish
- relatively short

Worst flash i've seen in a while...

...other than the Techno Dance animation...*shudder* At least you actually tried a little with this one. And at the end, why the hell did you use Scooby Doo?

your obbessed with corneil and bernie i am too

look at the title of the review

I loved it

Btw idiots usually when an author writes very old flash your not supposed to expect much....btw great animation

No. Just... No.


You could have done better.

The Good:

Nice fps. The effects were ok.

The Bad:

The story line came out on nowhere. Can sound. Bad animations.


I don't care if this made back in '95. You still could have done better. So, out of nowhere, Corniel says he hated Bernie, and bernie grabs a bunch of shit out of nowhere...

I mean, c'mon. That was the most random damn thing I have ever seen. Do better next time. I mean it.

bernie-buddy responds: