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Dead Frontier: Night Two

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Saw the game hasn't got a category yet. If you like it please recommend it for zombies and maybe another related cateogry (action, shooting, defense etc)

NOTE: If the game runs slow (have trouble moving the mouse etc) try the download version of the game. It runs much faster. You can get it by clicking the 'Download Game' option from the main menu.

This is the second part of a series of three zombie flash games. We're now working on creating an open ended single player RPG *and* a free MMO based on the same engine. We're aiming to release both in January 2008. If you're interested please take a look at:


If you have the time I would really appreciate some constructive feedback. Have fun and thanks for playing!

Game copyright Jagged Blade Software 2007
Programming and Art: Neil Yates
Character Art: 3DRT

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It's an ok game for a one screener. I actually played Dead Frontier back in 2009 when it was good. Similar to this but sadly all the revamps and busted economy has ruined it significantly. Way to grindy. this game was a nice memory to the original I remembered. It gets a solid 3 from me. If I could explore more areas even if it was relatively small still would have been fine. Search cars, bodies, go in buildings or move over even 1 screen to a second area.

Another amazing game!

Like the first one, it is very hard but it was a lot of fun and a good challenge with good gameplay! Survived all night killing 180 zombies with 80% accuracy. It was scary but a lot of fun!

5 out of 5 stars!

・This game has Some BackStory. (You can Read It In Game Intro, Or Wiki.)
・This game has 6 Weapons.
・Graphic is good.

・Site that Has Download Version is Dead in 2019. (You Can't Play Download version of this game.)
Also, Leaderboard is Dead in 2019.

・9mm Bullets(5 Small Bullets): +25 9mm Ammo
・.45 Bullets(4 Small Bullets): +8 .45 Ammo
・Grenades (Looks like Blue and White Capsule): +3 Ammo For GM94 Launcher
・Shotgun Shells: +7 Shotgun Ammo
・Health(Red Cross): +25 Health

・Colt 45(Magnum Revolver)'s Location: At the lower left To Start Location.
Also Contains Two .45 Bullets. (+16 Ammo For Colt 45)

My Score:
Survived: All Night
Zombies Killed: 189
Accuracy: 89%
Damage Taken: 73

Rank: A+
Total Score: 21516

I liked this game before and i liked it now. I love this reminded me of the zombie hype of the past where everyone was focused on thinking of ways to survive the apocalypse

This game still rocks, especially in 2018!!! Keep it up man, if you're still there