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Varnik is proud to present our first game ever released, "Spying Around". Months of work lead to the creation of a strategy game, that is both hard and fun to play. In Spying Around you are a special agent and are given missions to complete. Either by thinking logically or just guessing. It is your duty to complete all missions. You are not given many clues in how to complete your mission, but it is up to you to figure it out. PRSH is the enemy and you need to figure out what they are up to by completing your mission.

It is similar to the game called "Classroom".

You will use your arrow keys to move. To pick up items, walk over them.

You have a detection bar that shows how much you have been detected. Remember do not let the enemy catch you by getting the bar to 100%, or you will lose. There also is a quality button on the far top right corner incase you need to adjust your quality. Items that you find are placed on the bottom left corner. You will have unlimited number of tries to win each level because they are sometimes hard.

We hope you enjoy this game and have fun with it.

The Varnik Team


That Was Sick!

That was just like classroom i hope you guys make more games!!! keep up the good work. I love how smooth everything goes and the missions are sick!

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Varnik responds:

Thanks a lot. A new game is on the way, but we wont say what it is yet.


It could be my shitty computer, but the game was lagging in spikes constantly, so i could not play it. it seems like a kickass game, though, so i will hold off on my voting until i can actually play it.

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Varnik responds:

If its laggy try to put the quality to low. Thanks for your review.

Great Job

it prolly needed more levels, but it was perfect other than that

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Varnik responds:

Thanks a lot!

i like it

but on mission 2 i entered the code from the piece of paper & it said invalid. wut am i doing wrong?

Varnik responds:

Try another computer =P Thanks for the review.

I must be too sleepy...

Guess I am just plain too stupid, but I cant even finish the first level... Err...

Varnik responds:

Haha probably to tired, just get the key card bottom left and there you go.

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4.47 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2007
6:14 PM EST
Skill - Avoid